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Understanding the importance of organizing a relocation to New York City wisely and efficiently, our professional moving service in NYC offers a wide range of moving services and considerable relocation assistance. Our team of skilled moving experts is capable of dealing with the move of any complexity, delivering equally excellent results and meticulous process maintenance, satisfying customers’ expectations.

One of the crucial aspects of one’s relocation concerns valuable belongings packing. The moving service with a great reputation in the field ought to use a wide range of packing supplies, and materials, including boxes. They are specifically designed to keep client’s belongings safe and secure for the upcoming move, as well as to be loaded into the transportation truck provided by the chosen company. Let us discuss the key things to know about using boxes when packing various items and preparing them for the move.

Things to know about moving box delivery in New York City

Getting moving boxes for your upcoming relocation is the best way to show your valuable possessions extra care and proper preparation if you really want to remain wisely organized. The aforementioned packing supply is one of the most commonly used materials reserved for packing and protecting customers’ valuable belongings. Additionally, the boxes of various materials are used for they show different protective properties.

Usually, reputable and reliable relocation facilities use cardboard boxes to stow customer’s belongings ensuring their safe delivery. The boxes of different sizes are involved in the process of packing, depending on the weight and size of the items required to be stowed. That is why our specialists highly recommend coming up with a list of all items and things to be packed in advance to calculate the approximate number of boxes required to be provided. What are the most common things asked to be packed by the clientele of our professional moving service in NYC?

  • Stationary and office.
  • Utensils and other kitchen sets.
  • Kitchen appliances.
  • Folded clothes, and shoes.
  • Kitchen, and bathroom towels.
  • Pillows, blankets.
  • Clothes on hangers.

Depending on the weight and size of the item, the cardboard box of the appropriate size is usually selected. However, some moving companies near me recommend renting plastic boxes for your move. What’s the difference?

Cardboard boxes VS plastic boxes used for moving

Using different packing boxes can make a huge difference to the upcoming relocation. When you have the opportunity to select between various materials, it is necessary to know which material will fit your needs best. But one should also keep in mind that there is no one right choice for selecting the packing box depends on the needs of an individual only.

According to moving experts, when going for the material of the packing box, two crucial factors ought to be taken into account:

  • The distance of the upcoming relocation.
  • The environment.

Cardboard boxes of different sizes are usually reserved for short and simple relocation. In that way, the boxes are easily stacked and they can also be recycled afterward. On the other hand, plastic boxes may be reserved for the long-distance move for they deliver an additional layer of protection, especially if there are many breakable or oddly-shaped items. Moreover, plastic boxes are easy to store in the storage unit to pick up later. However, they cannot be broken down and require to be stored somewhere after being used. That is why some people prefer to rent plastic boxes instead of buying them for their move.In this case, cardboard boxes are the best option to go and they are also light-weighted.

Another main aspect that deals with the selection of the appropriate box for your move is related to how long you are planning on storing the pre-packed stuff. As stated above, plastic bins and boxes are the best if they are to be put in the garage or rented storage space for they will easily stand the test of time. In case you do not have the opportunity to use plastic bins for all your items, pack the essentials into cardboard boxes and reserve plastic ones for the things to be stored in the garage or any other place.

Consider the environment you are to put your boxes in. The cardboard boxes will not stand in wet environments for they will degrade within a short period of time. However, plastic boxes may trap all the moisture from outside. So what would a professional moving crew recommend? Getting plastic boxes with locking lids. They are perfect to be used under any weather conditions, as well as to be preserved in the attic, protecting the items inside from all the insects. For hot and dry weather, cardboard boxes are usually used.

Types of boxes used by a professional moving company in NYC

Our moving company in New York City uses cardboard boxes when packing client’s belongings. As of today, at customers’ disposal, there are different types of cardboard boxes reserved for numerous household items, and personal possessions. The list includes:

  • Wardrobe boxes. This type of packing box usually stands upright thus it is perfect to be used for packing wardrobe items. Wardrobe boxes come with a bar for hanging curtains, draperies, and similar materials to keep them from wrinkling during transit.
  • Custom crates. This one is reserved for old breakable possessions only. Only the customers that want their artwork, antiques, or other delicate belongings moved and properly protected are offered customcrates created according to the specifications and size of the item to be packed.
  • The boxes designed for mattresses. You may not be aware of that but mattresses ought to be protected during the move, too. Mattress boxes usually come in a variety of sizes, following the types of mattresses available in the market.
  • Boxes for mirrors. To be able to avoid getting your mirror cracked, consider asking for a special box for such a delicate item. Besides, breaking a mirror brings bad luck. Our moving company located in Brooklyn uses boxes for glasses, mirrors, tabletops made of glass, and other fragile items.
  • Dishpacks. These boxes are specifically designed for various kitchenware, and there are cell dividers that allow organizing the packed items neatly.
  • Small, medium, and large boxes. Depending on the size and weight of an item to be packed and loaded into the moving vehicle, a cardboard box of an appropriate size is used. Large items are put into the small boxes, whereas bulky, oddly-shaped but light-weighted items go into the large boxes.

Having taken the inventory of customer’s belongings, our team will go for the packing boxes of appropriate size and type so as to turn your journey into a stress-free moving experience with fast items delivery. But moving boxes are not the only thing used by our team when preparing customer’s personal things for the move.

Other essential supplies used by skilled and experienced movers to maintain a relocation in New York

There is an extensive range of tools and supplies involved in the process when packing up for the upcoming relocation. Do not be afraid of this, but moving boxes are just the tip of the iceberg. They are usually accompanied by many more tools and materials that help pack different items properly, securing them to avoid any damage during transit. Our Born To Move New York City Movers have created a comprehensive list of essential supplies and relocation equipment that take part in the moving process:

  • High-quality packing tape to secure boxes.
  • Packing paper.
  • Bubble cushioning that comes in sheets and rolls.
  • Plastic wrap.
  • Waterproof markers.

After packing the customer’s supplies and personal possessions using the aforementioned materials, the movers load them into the truck of the appropriate size. The vehicle is additionally equipped with cargo ropes and other equipment to secure the items in place and avoid them rolling over the vehicle during transit.

Why hire our full service moving company to handle your relocation?

Our locally-based moving company proudly offers reliable moving services, allowing potential customers to estimate the final cost of their relocation by using an online calculator available on the website. The task of our movers is to provide each client with detailed insight into the moving process, explaining all nuances and key factors. At customers’ disposal, there is an extensive range of services, including packing services, as well as various tools and pieces of equipment used in the process. We can help you move to any location inexpensively, and we also have enough experience to move large delicate items, maintaining the moving process from the very beginning to the very end. The team of skilled professionals has operated in the field since 2016, delivering relocation services and dealing with tasks of any complexity, dismantling and reassembling client’s pieces of furniture, packing delicate items, loading them into the moving vehicle, and delivering to the specified location. The number of satisfied customers and multiple positive reviews from our former clients are the best proof of our professional work, which motivates us to become better and better.

Box delivery

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