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Movers Manhattan to Long Island

Many Manhattan dwellers choose to make Long Island their new home. To begin with, Long Island is perfect for relocation due to its size and proximity to Manhattan. You’re going to “like it here” with the Gold Coast homes from the 1920s, the abundance of locally grown food fit for a wine glass, and the year-round entertainment. A welcome change of environment can be found in island living.

With famous views of the skyline and only a short journey across the East River from Midtown Manhattan, Long Island City (LIC) is a bustling, rapidly expanding neighborhood of young people, artists, and families. An area formerly extensively industrialized has transformed due to the addition of new housing, improved open spaces, and cultural landmarks.

No matter the borough you are currently living in, Born to Move can assist you in moving from the slightly flat area to your new home on Long Island at a cost-effective rate. We can handle everything from packing to custom-made crating, storage, and unpacking. As the best movers from Manhattan to Long Island, we can help you move into your new home more quickly since we are highly skilled at managing Long Island traffic, parking, and local moving restrictions.

Manhattan to Long Island: Born to Move’s Services

Without employing the service of an expert company like Born to Move, relocating to Long Island won’t be easy. Knowing how busy life and traffic are on Long Island, you will realize how much you can benefit by taking a seat back and unwinding while letting us handle your needs with skill.

Our services consist of the following:

  • Packaging and custom packing services
  • Affordable prices without additional toll or gas fees
  • High-value assets like pianos, furniture, and antiques are stored and moved by us
  • Disassembling and reassembling furniture in preparation for the move
  • Quick-response support crew
  • Rapid response service time
  • Overnight or long-term storage

Cost of Hiring Movers to Long Island

It is well known that finding trustworthy movers in Manhattan is challenging. The moving market has been overrun by dishonest businesses, probably due to the increasing moving population in NYC. Also, only a few movers offer packing aid and other add-on services like Born to Move does; hence, it is becoming more and more challenging to hire a reputable moving company.

The most frequent ruse used by movers is to give a quote (i.e., before moving) and then send a second invoice with an excessive amount for reasons only known to them. It won’t be simple to get your belongings back from them if you refuse. Therefore, they charge you twice-once for moving from Manhattan to Long Island and then again after they arrive at your new location.

Doing business with dependable, exceptionally competent, and well-intentioned New York movers who have earned the BBB’s accreditation is crucial. Born to Move does not add any extra or hidden fees for tolls, miles, gas, or other expenses to our rates, which are transparent. We are trustworthy movers from Long Island to Manhattan. Thanks to us, moving has become more straightforward.

We don’t inflate or modify our prices. Our hourly rates include all fees for labor, equipment, taxes, wrapped furniture, floor protection, tolls, gas, and safe delivery. We don’t charge extra to move your belongings.

What the Born to Move Company Offers You

Born to Move is an expert in long-distance and short-distance moving, a service that not many moving companies can provide. One of the significant challenges you’ll face when moving to Long Island is traffic. Our tremendous understanding and experience have taught our movers how to avoid bottlenecks on the way. This can reduce stress and cost and speed up moving to your destination.

Below are what Born to Move offers you when you choose us as your number-one moving company in New York City:

Affordable Prices

Born to Move has sufficient experience in the moving industry to understand that clients require a moving company that is both dependable and reasonably priced. Even if several factors affect the precise amount, you can be sure that Born to Move will provide you with the best price for moving from Manhattan to Long Island.

Transport Insurance

A moving company must have liability insurance. Born to Move offers this option, which protects your belongings by paying you a predetermined amount per pound in the unlikely event that your belongings sustain physical damage. However, thanks to the skill of our movers, you can be confident that nothing will get damaged or misplaced while in transit to Long Island.

Numerous Movers’ Services

Many movers go to Long Island from various parts of NYC. However, this is in contrast to the number of professional movers available. We set ourselves apart from the competition by giving you the most revered relocation experience possible. With our selection of moving services, our movers from Long Island to Manhattan can satisfy your moving needs and make your move to Long Island simple, hassle-free, and pleasurable. Let Born to Move to ease your relocation to Long Island and reduce the stress.

Movers’ Permits/Licenses

Born to Move is not an exception to the rule: all movers must hold a license from the state of New York. You won’t encounter issues while moving to Long Island because we have all the specialized licenses necessary to handle interstate relocations.

Positive Evaluations of Our Movers

Our movers have earned the trust of several grateful customers within and outside New York City (NYC). Unlike many other moving firms, our specialized moving crews can handle relocations of any size, degree of difficulty, or distance.

Moving Your Business to Long Island

Moving is far more complex if your company moves from Manhattan to Long Island because moving a business is more difficult than moving a house. You must protect countless expensive pieces of equipment, furniture, and documents during a business relocation. If you hire us, our movers will handle everything correctly for you.

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Our flat rates include all other charges:

  • Labor & Equipment
  • Floor Protection
  • Wrapped Furniture
  • Tolls
  • Taxes
  • No Additional Fees
  • Fuel Charge
  • Safe Delivery
  • Guaranteed Price

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