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Looking for movers from New York City to Vermont and don’t know how you will be able to get your personal belongings from New York City to Vermont? Are you trying to switch a lifestyle by moving to Vermont? you find the right article to read, because moving companies who are able to perform such a long distance move is BORN TO MOVE, movers from NY to Vermont. We have six years of experience relocating our customers from Big Apple to Vermont, and we can move you anywhere in Vermont such as Burlington,Montpelier Vermont or anywhere across the state of Vermont. One of the main reasons why people are moving to Vermont is because they want to enjoy a quiet life and breathe fresh air also. In the winter time there’s a lot of activities such as snowboarding and skiing. Also if you’re willing to hike in Vermont, it is another reason to move your possessions from NY to Vermont. Moving can be stressful as it can be, that’s why our moving company only hires experienced movers to relocate your stuff from NY to VT. We are moving locally in New York as well as out of state and one of our destinations is Burlington. Vermont is a great state, by allowing us to move you to this state you will be able to enjoy a stress-free moving experience by using our moving company.

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Moving process to VT from NY

When you are looking for movers you need to know those factors. First thing, when it is going to be your delivery, Vermont is a big state, so we offer next day delivery or 2 day delivery depends on which part of Vermont you will be moving to. Also it’s very important to know that we are serving neighborhoods of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Bronx. If you live in those neighborhoods we will be able to move you to Vermont without any problem.  Movers from NYC to Vermont have to have a USDOT license to legally operate out of state and our moving company has such necessary licenses. We are using our live GPS system to track our trucks on the road to Vermont and if you’re looking for life updates we can give you so. When you’re moving you need personal belongings protection, that’s why our company offers our great insurance without any deductible so all you have to pay is a flat price which depends on the distance where you are going in Vermont, especially when you’re moving to NYC. If for whatever reason you decided to go back to NY from Vermont our movers will be able to do this necessary moving task.  We offer insurance that will cover all of your belongings. It’s limited to $10,000, but we never have any situation where all of our belongings will not be covered by the insurance. If you want to increase the amount of insurance you just need to go to the third-party insurance company we can provide this information regarding the third-party moving insurance as well, but it will cost additional money. Please use our calculator to get a quote regarding your relocation from New York City to Vermont and if you still have any questions regarding moving from NY to Vermont feel free to give us a call at 646-787-5693 and our friendly moving representative will be able to help you with any questions


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  • Fuel Charge
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