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Truck fleet

The fully-licensed and insured moving facility of ours specializes in maintaining the move of any complexity and serves the New York, Manhattan, Long Island Brooklyn area in NY, successfully meeting the needs of even the most demanding customers. We have operated in the field for a considerable number of years, which allowed us to develop a wide range of relocation services that fit the needs of our clientele. As of today, at customers’ disposal there are the following relocation services available:

  • Online calculator. The feature available on our website allows our potential customers to get the final cost of their move estimated by the system. They are required to fill out the form on the screen for the moving cost is based on certain factors, as well as the chosen services.
  • Packing and loading services. In terms of delivering a stress-free moving experience, we provide packing and loading services. At our disposal, there is an extensive range of packing materials that have shown great protective properties, which allows us to secure even the most delicate items. Afterward, the packed possessions are loaded into the moving vehicle of the appropriate size.
  • Additional storage unit. In case you want to preserve some of the items, we offer secure storage space that is capable of accommodating any quantity of goods.
  • Moving trucks. There are various moving trucks and vehicles available to fit the needs of our clientele. Depending on the type of the move, as well as the quantity of items to be relocated, the vehicle of the appropriate capacity is selected by the professional moving crew.

Let us explain in detail the latter.

What is a truck fleet and why is it so important for professional moving service in NYC?

What is the term truck fleet and what does it refer to? Truck fleet, the term interchangeably used with the term fleet vehicles, refers to the large group of motor vehicles owned and used by a particular company, government, service, or any other large organization. The term is used to describe the vehicles used by taxi companies, public utilities, and the companies that allow individuals to rent a car. It means that those vehicles do not have one owner for they are used exclusively for work purposes. Since those vehicles need proper maintenance, they are managed by a truck fleet manager who is responsible for keeping each vehicle in a good condition. Why is it so important for a moving company to have a fleet of vehicles?

The quality and reliability of a professional moving service in NYCare determined by the number of available moving services. Since we are talking about a company that handles different types of relocation, it is essential for it to have workable transport at its hands. The capacity of such a vehicle should be enough to accommodate any quantity of items required to be transported by a customer. Thus, having a reliable truck fleet is very important for any relocation facility if it is aiming to fulfill the requirements of its clientele and gain a good reputation among satisfied customers. Moreover, the customer gets the opportunity to select the vehicle according to the required size. Additionally, such vehicles and vans are equipped with tools that secure clients’ items in place, which allows movers to avoid any damage during transit.

How to select the moving truck to fit your needs?

It may be quite challenging to predict how much space is required, but the skilled moving team is here to make all the measures and provide the customer with the transportation van of the appropriate size. The choice is usually based on the inventory provided to the professional relocation crew so that they know exactly what kind of items are to be loaded into the transportation van.

It is very inconvenient to have a too small or too big vehicle at your disposal. Not only is it inconvenient but also dangerous in terms of not being able to properly secure the items. The trucks that are too small for the move can lead to belongings’ unexpected damage that may occur when the boxes are being stacked into the vehicle. On the other hand, when there is too much space available around the packed boxes, they are going to shift around the place during transit (unless they are secured, of course). Thus, selecting a truck of the appropriate size is one of the crucial things maintained by experienced movers in New York City.

Moving companies near me provide consumers with a wide range of moving vehicles. Here are the current offerings:

  • Pick-up trucks.
  • Moving trucks of small size.
  • Cargo van.
  • Medium vehicles.
  • Large trucks.

Keep in mind that selecting the right truck for your move is just the tip of the iceberg, for the moving process involves many a crucial aspect to be taken into account.

Other things to consider preparing when relocating with the help of a moving company located in Brooklyn

As stated before, it is not enough to choose a moving vehicle of the right size when preparing for the upcoming relocation. Each moving process consists of multiple preparation steps that involve various tasks to be performed:

  • Decluttering. It makes just no sense to move the things you no longer need. Before packing your valuable belongings, make sure to declutter each room. Not only can you get rid of the possessions you no longer use or need, but also find the ones you have completely forgotten about and decide what to do with them next.
  • Making a list of items to be packed and categorizing them. Unless it is a last-minute move you couldn’t have possibly predicted, all the possessions ought to be categorized to be packed together or separately, depending on their qualities. One is highly recommended to make an inventory, listing all the things required to be packed by professional movers. Moreover, it will give the latter a better image of how much space is needed to safely accommodate all the items, thus they will be able to choose the right moving van for you.
  • Getting all the things packed. The task of the skilled moving team you have hired is to pack all your items, with particular emphasis on the extra delicate belongings that require being protected by special materials. On our hands, we have a wide range of reliable packing materials and tools to pack clients’ possessions within the shortest time frame, rapidly and efficiently.
  • Getting pieces of furniture prepared for the move. Consider getting your furniture disassembled by a professional moving crew for it may not fit into the doorway if it is too large. The massive pieces of furniture are usually dismantled. The pieces are protected and secured separately.

After having successfully finished all the procedures mentioned above, the customer’s pre-packed valuable possessions are carefully loaded into the moving vehicle.

The look within or truck fleet management

Keep in mind that as soon as a particular moving facility acquires a moving truck, it ought to be maintained. Any truck is a demanding vehicle thus a company may hire an experienced truck fleet manager. The truck fleet manager has the special task of not only choosing the appropriate vehicle for the company but also managing piles of paperwork, registering and managing fuel consumption, and managing drivers and personnel. Due to their many-year experience, truck fleet managers usually know what kind of vehicles are available to deliver services, what they require, and many more.

Flat rate moving with full service moving company

The Born to Move New York City movers operating at our relocation company use the flat-rate pricing model when providing the customer with the final cost of their move. It means that all the rates are transparent for a binding estimate means that the customer pays for the selected services only. The movers are not charged hourly, meaning the flat-rate pricing model is more reliable and can easily accommodate any type of relocation, especially long-distance ones. There are no hidden costs and the client is usually delivered the price that will not be changed (unless there are any unexpected situations on the way).

Our professional moving service in NYC delivers online and on-site free estimates, allowing potential clients to get the final cost of their relocation calculated for free. The evaluation is based on the selected services. The customer is required to fill out the form, requiring selecting the type of the move, specified location, and other parameters that set the final price. Moreover, our clients are warmly welcome to get in touch with the friendly customer support of our relocation company to get all the nuances explained to them in detail. Keep in mind that the beforehand negotiations are important in terms of reaching the agreement between the moving company and the customer. Our team is here to turn this journey of yours into a stress-free moving experience for we can maintain the relocation of any complexity and deal with any unpleasant situations that may unexpectedly occur, delivering wise and smart solutions to them.

Truck fleet

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