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Born to Move LLC is a full-service moving company serving the Greater Boston Area.

We are based in Newton MA and have been performing professional Moving Service since 2013 for All types of moving – Residential and Commercial, Interstate. We as well provide full packing and unpacking services along with Pod, rental truck or container loading & unloading.

  • 10,000

    customers trust us

  • 25

    years of experience

  • 500,000

    miles per year

Our mission

Caring attitude to customers

We know that moving can be one of the most stressful times in your life. We want to make sure that you get stress-free experience with us.

We will take care of all your needs and provide you the smoothest move you have ever made, so that you will most probably want to move again if the reason option to do it with Born to Move service.

Thoughtful & safe logistics

We garantee to workout the most efficient and safe way to move everything you will need to open a new chapter of your life in your new home

Premium service at low prices

We strive to provide superior service in the moving industry at affordable prices and we are proud to have been successful

Client oriented services

  • 01

    Packing Services

    We strive to provide superior service in the moving industry and we are proud to have been successful

  • 02

    Arts & Antiques Protection

    We strive to provide superior service in the moving industry and we are proud to have been successful

  • 03

    TV & Audio Installation

    We strive to provide superior service in the moving industry and we are proud to have been successful

  • 04


    We strive to provide superior service in the moving industry and we are proud to have been successful

Our story

Alex Nash
Director of «Born to Move»

We created a company to apply our knowledge and skills so that even in the most unpleasant situations, such as moving, people feel comfortable

when we realized what we wanted to do differently

The history of the company began in 2010. A couple of years before, moving had just appeared on the domestic market of services, and only a few were familiar with this service. For most, the move was associated with ordinary cargo transportation, and this is understandable: there were more than enough “gray” carriers and movers “for an hour”.

Probably, almost every one of us has such a story when you encounter negligence in the service and realize: I would have done otherwise. I often had to move, and it constantly turned into a real problem.

  • 10,000

    customers trust us

  • 25

    years of exp

  • 25 years of experience
we go beyond the usual cargo transportation

We were one of the first who started to go beyond the usual cargo transportation. Not just a driver and a loader in one person were responsible for one move, but a professional team. Of course, at first it consisted of only a few people and only one truck. But when the first order was followed by a second one, followed by several more, it became clear that we were on the right track.

from a family business to a serious one

Today, the moving company “Born to Move” is one of the leading companies in USA providing services for the professional organization of office and apartment relocations. Every day in NYC alone, we carry out about 50 crossings, which involve up to 200 trained employees. Having started working in 2010 as a small family business, we became the first american company to take a step towards the formation of a culture of professional relocation for the mass market in the country.

Best employees

Dmitry Malashkin
Alex Nash
Director of «Born to Move»
Richard Cruze
Richard Cruze
Chris Thompson
Chris Thompson
Foreman Driver
Richard Cruze
Foreman Driver
Chris Thompson
Foreman Driver

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Our Fleet

  • Interstate fleet
    This is the biggest trucks that we have. They are between 48 to 53 feet long. We are using them exclusively for moving out of state of New York, usually to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, and Chicago.
  • mid size
    Big trucks
    24 to 26 foot truck usually operating on the East Coast from New York to Boston, Washington Miami and North Carolina. This is the most popular destinations. Or we using them to move 3-4 bedroom apartment or houses inside of New York.
  • local-fleet
    Trucks for local moving
    Ranging from 10 to 20 foot this is the smallest trucks that we have. Born to Move using them for small delivers inside New York or just outside of New York. They are great for navigating inside the city.
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