Commercial moving

Commercial moving is not easy at all. Your boss has just asked you to move the office, including furniture, equipment and other tools, to the new workplace far away. Now, there is a chaotic, stressful, and challenging situation brewing about where to begin. You need to be highly careful when deciding who’ll be the workplace’s movers because it’s all about the safety and condition of the furniture.

In New York City (NYC), our company provides services for moving commercial equipment. We take all the responsibility of office relocation with additional care. Below in this article, the services of our company are mentioned with details.

Services We Provide

To make your rough and tough task effortless and smooth, we offer services such as:

  • Commercial moving
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Transport services
  • Assembling and disassembling
  • Loading and unloading
  • Long-distance moving with reasonable, fair charges

Once you hire a moving professional like Born to Move New York City, all your worries will fade away immediately.

We know the concerns of our commercial clients who want to move their business from city to city along with the heavy machines and furniture that require an additional amount of care and sensitivity. Our movers are highly skilled and trained in moving office furniture with care; they carefully listen to the client’s instructions and adequately complete the moving process efficiently without damaging any office furniture.

Commercial Moving

Let’s get into the details of it; when we hear the term commercial moving, our minds suddenly become filled with lots of things like moving furniture, costs, transport, care, safety, stress, time, and much more. So, we provide you with all this assistance in a single package. Isn’t that enough to reduce your stress after hearing the phrase commercial moving?

Born to Move, New York City movers, are always prepared for the smooth relocation process of your workplace. You need to book our services and talk to our highly supportive customer care representative. Our movers will clear up all your queries starting from moving the furniture, transport, and process to cost; they will guide you thoroughly and ensure that you have no query left to resolve.

Transport Services

Born to Move, New York City Movers are highly trained, skilled experts in transportation services as well. They know how to drive attentively and carefully when heavy furniture is loaded into the vehicle. We promise our customers and satisfy them that our movers are expert drivers who will move the furniture to their new place without any damage.

Commercial movers first plan how they will declutter, assemble, pack, and load the tools into the vehicle, then request the client’s approval to start working. They will also let the client know the routes they will take when moving the furniture from the workplace. Our team knows commitment. So, our movers will show their skills effectively and move any furniture smoothly without any kind of stress.

Hauling Services

Born to Move, the New York City team also offers assistance with hauling. If you want to refurnish or restyle your workroom, our movers are ready to help! You don’t need to call inexperienced movers who drag and pull your office furniture carelessly, damage your expensive and precious items, and give you enormous stress while leaving.

Our office moving services also include decluttering offices. Our movers will guide you on what you need and what is useless for your new space so that you can discard it then and there. Finally, our movers will provide the hauling service you require; according to your instruction, plan, and design, our movers will give you the best service.

Commercial Equipment: Packing and Unpacking

The most time-consuming and hectic task is packing and wrapping the furniture and objects accurately and then unpacking and unwrapping them after the delivery to the new office location. Our movers are familiar with the amount of anxiety and pressure you feel while thinking about packing everything up. The Born to Move New York City movers team gives you the assistance of packing and unpacking before and after the delivery.

Our movers ensure that you are now left with zero work and no stress at the time of your commercial moving. You can rest easy if you hire our commercial movers to provide you the relocation assistance for your office moving from your old working place to your new one. Our movers even facilitate you with the quality base packing materials and things needed to pack the furniture.

Equipment and Furniture: Assembling and Disassembling

Even before packing, there comes the process of dismantling your furniture in one place to make sure that every essential object is going to be relocated. Our commercial mover provides the perfect assistance for dismantling your furniture in one place. After reaching your new workplace, reassembling your furniture and placing it in the positions of your choice is also the responsibility of the company movers.

Hiring Born to Move in New York City will solve all your commercial moving issues and struggles with a highly responsible attitude. We have trained our movers to work correctly and complete the necessary tasks connected with the moving process with great care and responsibility, and our movers know how to impress our customers with their work.

Furniture: Loading and Unloading Service

The process of office moving requires extra care. It increases the chances of falling, damaging, and breaking the furniture and the risk of getting injured, accidents that can even fracture bones in loading and unloading the office furniture. This is why our commercial movers are highly trained in how to lift the furniture, load it into the specific vehicle, and unload it safely after its delivery to your new workplace. In addition, Born to Move New York City movers also offer you the services of loading and unloading the furniture to make the whole moving process smooth and finish it without issue.

We know the risk of office moving and services, and we understand the work and stress business employees take when moving offices with large pieces of furniture. So, for your business, we deliver all our moving services with our expert commercial movers, who provide smooth and stress-free services throughout the process.

Fully Licensed and Insured Movers

Our company is wholly licensed and insured; Born to Move New York City (NYC) carries the responsibility for moving with great care and support. We ensure the safety and security of your objects, equipment, and furniture as we move from one workplace to another. Our movers are highly trained and know the regulations of the moving process. You will find us trustworthy and reliable throughout the moving process. The training of our movers has been done with great care, evaluation, and concentration. We made them familiar with all kinds of laws and regulations regarding the moving process.

So when you hire our movers to move your furniture, you should know that your work is in safe hands.

Commercial moving

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Commercial Moving for a Reasonable Cost

Now, if we examine the cost and expenses of moving the office a long distance with different movers or on your own, it will be high because there will be no single package or a team to relocate you, providing all the different types of assistance needed. So, there will be a separate cost for packing and unpacking, the packing material, hauling services, disassembling and assembling, loading and unloading, transportation charges, driving, etc. Of course, the cost of these services is high enough for a person to get stressed.

Our company, the Born to Move New York City team, charges you a very reasonable rate according to the services you would like to be facilitated. We charge as per the size of your furniture, the distance of the moving process, the size of the entrances and exits of the workroom, what type of work you require, and most significantly, the date of your move.

Born to Move New York City (NYC) does not charge its customers any extra fuel, tolls, or vehicle costs for commercial moving. Instead, we ensure that our services get smoothly completed until you reach your final destination. However, if there is any uncertainty or delay, our company will not charge any extras. This is the kind of facility you will only receive from a highly professional moving team that understands your instruction carefully and gets the task done effectively.

To Sum Up

For our customers, our commercial movers team is very polite, honest, and reliable; you can trust them with your furniture. They deal with their customers in a very polite way and solve all their queries genuinely. We have excellent customer service, and our support team will assist you 24/7. We also satisfy our customers on the terms of charging and rates; we do not charge additional or unreasonable rates.

We strongly rely on our statements and commitments; once our NYC movers plan and commit to completing the commercial moving process on your desired date, they will finish it effectively by the deadline.

We have now discussed in detail what we do as part of our long-distance workplace moving service, as described in our services and terms. Feel free to hire our professional Born to Move New York City (NYC) movers and enjoy our smooth and excellent moving services for office moving!


❓ Can you perform move after 6 PM?

Yes absolutely we can be able to help you with your moving needs after hours.

❓ Can your movers bring pallets and pallet-jack and put all of the heavy equipment on the pallets and move it safely?

Yes absolutely we can bring the pallets pallet jack and everything necessary to perform a safe moving job.

❓ How many years are you in business?

We opened Born to Move in 2013

❓ Do you guys selling jobs?

No we never do that.