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The Born to Move New York City movers of our relocation center specialize in maintaining movings of any type and complexity. The company serves the New York, Manhattan, Long Island, Brooklyn area in NY, delivering an extensive range of moving services that can accommodate the needs of the most demanding clientele. We have been operating in the field for many years, and multiple positive reviews and feedback from our former customers silently prove that we can consider ourselves one of the best and most reliable moving companies near me.

Today, we offer affordable international relocation. We understand the complexity of such a challenging task and are ready to maintain the process wisely. The list of the factors to be taken into consideration when moving internationally is endless, but it does not mean that this type of move is not possible to handle by our movers in New York City. At our clients’ disposal, there are various moving services available to accommodate the needs and demands of the upcoming international move:

  • Getting your move precisely estimated for free.
  • Receiving the custom-made moving plan.
  • A wide range of packing supplies and packaging methods as a part of packing services.
  • Loading and unloading objects into the transportation vehicle.
  • Secure and protected additional storage units.
  • The truck fleet that includes moving vehicles of different sizes and capacities.
  • Short- and long-distance move.
  • Furniture assembly and disassembly.

As you can see, our moving facility can professionally handle international relocation of any complexity, having a broad spectrum of services available. Due to the many-year experience of our facility, the professionally trained movers in New York employed at our center are here to deliver any type of assistance required by the customer. We are here to discuss the key things to know when preparing for the international move so that all the things remain efficiently organized.

Things to consider when getting your international move navigated by a professional moving crew

International relocation is an exciting process and not every person gets the chance to gain such a life experience. On the other hand, there are multiple things to take into account when preparing for it. One should keep in mind that such a demanding task is not performed within just one day. It may take months to get all the things organized neatly and prepare your new and old dwelling. With the assistance of an experienced moving facility, all the stress and worries will be reduced to the minimum. We have created a list of the things to consider when relocating internationally:

  • Find out about the items you can or cannot bring overseas. Moving from New York to a location in Europe, one should find out about the items that may be forbidden to be transported overseas. The first step would be checking customs information, keeping in mind that some European countries may require providing the list of items relocated by the non-resident.
  • Electrical outlets nuances. Find out about the type of electrical outlets used in the country you are moving to. If they are not the same as yours, consider leaving behind some household appliances. You can purchase them later at your new destination.
  • Simplifying the move as much as possible. The professional moving service in NYC is capable of handling and maintaining the relocation of any complexity. But if you want to reduce your stress, you can simplify the upcoming international relocation from the very beginning. You can choose between stretching the process for months, or getting your essentials relocated only. There is also the possibility of using a storage item of the appropriate size to accommodate your personal assets.
  • Reducing shipping delays. If there are any items you need to be delivered within the shortest time frame possible, consider requesting an air transit. However, only light and household essential objects can be moved in such a way. It may include personal clothing, small household appliances, kitchenware, utensils, and other items.
  • Packing lightly. Get rid of the things that no longer hold any value to you or donate the items you are not planning to move with to your new location. Packing lightly will help reduce moving costs and relocate faster. The movers highly recommend identifying items that you absolutely need and the ones that you can give or sell to someone.

Additionally, if you want to easily adjust to the new environment, you can take something important and valuable to you so that it evokes pleasant memories of your old place.

Essential tips from our movers in New York City covering stress-free international move

Apart from delivering moving and packing services for you, our experienced NYC movers deliver informative support, focusing on providing essential tips concerning stress-free international relocation:

  • Obtain copies of important documents. Apart from preparing your old and new household for the move, you need to prepare yourself, as well. Make sure to get copies of your official or identity documents. It is recommended for the neater organization of any paperwork involved in the process of international relocation.
  • Learn and practice the language. It is not necessary to learn the entire language before you move somewhere because as soon as you arrive at your new destination, you end up forgetting all the things you have ever learned. You can memorize and practice some important, commonly used vocabulary but the rest can be learned when you finish your move and get acquainted with the culture and local mentality.
  • Schedule a trip beforehand. Traveling to the country you are going to live in will help you get acquainted with the local culture and other nuances to take into account. Get familiar with your neighborhood and visit as many places as you can to experience local life.
  • Organize all checkups. Before traveling overseas, it is essential to get a full medical checkup. Take the prescriptions in case there are any that you need and get your body ready for the upcoming international move. The process may be very stressful for the organism so you need to make sure to check your health before finally relocating.

Do not be afraid to ask the hired professional moving crew for informative assistance in case you have any questions regarding the international move. Also, if you travel with pets, consider preparing them for the move and getting a blood test. You should prove that your pet does not carry any diseases if you want to move with it overseas.

How to prepare for the international relocation to reach a stress-free moving experience?

So, what about the part handled by professional and skilled movers in New York City? When preparing for any type of moving, specifically for the international move, the task of the moving professionals’ crew is to prepare all the things properly. Your part, however, lies in decluttering the space that has been mentioned above. It is vital to get rid of the things you no longer need or cannot possibly move overseas, as well as clean the old space. Afterward, the checklist of items required to be relocated ought to be provided to the chosen professional moving service in NYC so that its employees can select the packing materials and transportation vehicle that will fit the needs of the customer.

The preparation procedures before the international relocation also include the following mandatory tasks:

  • Packing. Traveling overseas, you never know how careful other people are with your personal belongings. The task of our movers in NYC is to pack the enlisted items properly, protecting them from any damage. We use cardboard boxes, following the dimensions of the objects required to be relocated overseas. Additionally, one can request a wooden crate for large but fragile items. Bubble wrap, paper rolls, and other packing materials are used to additionally secure the items.
  • Disassembling furniture. In case you are planning to get some of your furniture relocated to your new dwelling, professional movers will perform the disassembly of large pieces of furniture, packing fragile objects separately.
  • Loading the packed items. Whatever transit vehicle is used for your international relocation, the crew of experienced moving professionals will load it with pre-packed assets.

When preparing for the moving overseas, you can fully rely on the skills and experience of our moving facility as we aim to reduce any stress and worries to a minimum.

Getting a free quote from a fully-licensed and insured moving facility and other organization nuances

Since everything begins with getting a free quote from the chosen locally based moving company, our center offers an online calculator that will evaluate the precise cost of your upcoming international move. Since there are various factors involved in the process of setting the price, the potential customer is required to fill out the form, providing the details crucial to delivering the precise price. Alternatively, apart from getting online and on-site free estimates, the consumers are warmly welcome to get in touch with the competent customer support service to have all their inquiries answered by the professionals. Once the final cost of the international relocation is determined, we begin with planning your move, and designing the relocation plan according to your requirements.


International Relocation from New York

International relocation

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