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Top-Notch Long-Distance Movers in NYC

New York City (NYC) is one of the most highly renowned places in the world. A place heavily featured in all types of media, it’s no wonder people from all over are flocking to see this wonderful city. It’s also home to one of the most important financial districts in the world.

Unfortunately, it also comes with a high cost of living. That’s why people are relocating in and out of NYC all the time, and most of the time, this is long-distance moving.

As fun as a fresh start may be, interstate moving is a big task. There is so much that’s involved, including:

  • Determining the prices of the materials and services you’ll need;
  • Developing a moving plan that will work around your personal, social, and work life;
  • Buying the materials necessary for long distance moving;
  • Spending your free time executing your plan for a cross country or interstate move;
  • Getting parking permits for the vehicle you’re going to use for moving long distance;
  • Updating your plan as needed because of changes in the route to or from NYC, the weather, and other factors;
  • Learning the best ways to properly wrap and pack items for moving;
  • Ensuring you have enough manpower to make sure you do everything right on schedule.

Considering all the other demands in your life, doesn’t it make sense to just get a professional long distance moving company in New York City? By having top rated movers helping you, you’ll have experts who can guarantee to do the job right the first time around.

You don’t need to cut back on family time when you know the best company out there is looking after your interests. Make moving from state to state a breeze with Born to Move, a fully-licensed and fully-insured long-distance moving company that can take you anywhere from NYC or the other way around. See how our top movers can make your move go smoothly and easily.

Where Are You Headed? Our New York Long Distance Movers Will Take You Anywhere!

Do you know one of the best things about working with movers that specialize in long-distance moving? The distance from NYC doesn’t factor into our decision of whether or not to accept the job. At Born to Move, we’ve heard first-hand how some moving clients had a company cancel on them at the last minute.

We don’t want that to happen to anyone. That’s why for as long as there are long-distance movers available, we’ll try to accommodate your NYC move, no matter where you move from or where you’re going.

Interstate Movers

Moving from state to state can be hard, especially if it’s something you’ve never done before! That’s why our interstate movers are available if you want to move to or are coming from nearby states like New Jersey, Connecticut, Washington, and Las Vegas.

Whether you’re moving to a metropolitan area or a quieter town, rest assured that the movers our company will assign know the routes. The secret is using our experience as we further develop our knowledge of moving long distance.

And even if your move is relatively near, it doesn’t mean that our interstate movers will take the job less seriously. Our NYC interstate movers are held to the same standard, and you can expect nothing short of the outstanding moving service that all our clients have expected from us for every move.

Cross Country Movers

How about an NYC cross country move to Los Angeles? For moving long distance to take you to the Pacific beaches of the West coast, our NYC cross country movers are available. This task can feel impossible to do even for those who have DIY moving experience.

A moving company doesn’t simply go in or out of NYC with your things. Our top concern, especially when moving thousands of miles literally, is preserving the condition of your stuff.

If you’re thinking about moving cross country on your own, remember that there are way more concerns to attend to. Aside from the usual worries associated with a long distance move, you also have to think about the multiple stops to be made while moving.

More importantly, have you driven the route you’re taking for the move? You might be inadvertently putting yourself in danger by trying to save on professional movers.

We understand how hard it is to trust a company to truly care about your things. That’s why, even before you get our moving services for going to or away from NYC, we set expectations. Our goal is to get your items to your long-distance location as soon as we can.

We already have a set number of days for our most popular long distance move locations. But should this change, we’ll let you know as well. Don’t worry! Our average cross country moves only take five days.

Long Distance Destinations from New York

Long distance moving

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Other Recommended Services for Your NYC Move

The fatigue is much greater when it comes to moving long distance. To help eliminate stress, ask about these additional services as well:

Packing Services

If a box is too heavy, carrying it will take much longer. Or if you use the wrong packing techniques, the box may give out while on the move.

Conserve your energy for the long distance move to or from NYC and have our movers put everything in boxes for you. We’ll estimate how many packing materials you need based on your move size.

Storage Services

Waiting for your lease in NYC to start? Get your things stored in our temperature and humidity-controlled storage boxes in the meantime.

We offer nightly and monthly rates. So, if you want your things to be in perfect condition once you get settled, ask about our units!

Commercial Moving

Trying to move delicate equipment long distance may be hard for others, but not for us. No matter where in the U.S. you’ll relocate your office, our NYC movers are up to the task.

We’ll send our top guys to expertly handle all electronics and furniture. And as much as possible, we’ll schedule around your operating hours to minimize downtime.

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Why Get Help from Born to Move with Long Distance Moving to or from NYC?

Sadly, movers from your average long distance company end up being disappointing. Their promises of great prices and services don’t align with the reality on the ground, leaving their moving clients dissatisfied and even resentful. That’s why for an interstate move, getting the lowest quote shouldn’t be the only factor. You only have one shot when you’re moving long-distance. Any mistake can double or even triple the cost of moving.

So, if you’re looking for NYC movers to help you with moving long-distance, Born to Move will always be the most logical choice. We’re never satisfied with just completing the job. We aim to maintain our place as the gold standard for every long distance moving company.

We Uphold Complete Transparency

Many long distance movers hold you hostage by charging insane charges for every little additional thing they do or piece of equipment they bring. Sadly, moving clients feel powerless to protest because of their tight schedules.

We take a stand against this unfair practice by being fully transparent about what our moving services will cost. For moving long-distance, we implement a fixed rate that already covers:

  • Two movers (could be more, depending on the package),
  • Moving truck,
  • Gas,
  • Toll,
  • Miles,
  • Real-time GPS access,
  • Furniture wrapping (basic wrapping material included).

If you want our movers to be more involved with the long distance moving processes before the actual move, please feel free to tell us. Our company will strive to find a solution that you’ll be happy with.

But regardless of the services you want from our long-distance movers, rest assured that we treat everyone the same. Another effort we make is to be transparent with our moving clients is keeping communication open.

If it’s your first time making a long distance move, we’re sure you have lots of questions. Someone from our company may even call you or send an email to clarify certain things. We want to cover all potential concerns for you. This also gives you an idea of what our New York City long distance movers will help you with on the day itself.

We’re Experts in Moving Long Distance

Born to Move is an NYC long distance moving company that has been in the moving industry for some time. Our movers are highly-skilled and are easily the finest around. For every moving job that we get, each of our NYC movers tries to live up to this great reputation.

To protect your things from damage during the move, we follow a strict process that reduces to practically zero the odds of bumps, scratches, cracks, and any other damage. Our movers will be:

  • Careful disassembling furniture and wrapping the parts for loading onto the moving truck;
  • Arranging the items in the truck so that everything stays in place while moving long distance;
  • Unloading all moving boxes and other items;
  • Unwrapping furniture parts and reassembling them upon delivery.

You also don’t have to worry about our long distance movers fitting everything in the truck. We’ll make sure to bring the right-sized vehicle based on your NYC move size. For any other concerns that you may have about our movers and their qualifications, please feel free to send them over.


❓ Movers will disassemble the bed?

Absolutely the movers will bring all of the equipment needed to disassemble and reassemble your bed in the matter of minutes

❓ Can you company able to crate some sculptures and valuable items for me?

Yes absolutely we can do that the charges will apply based on their value of your items and amount of time plus materials all have to be discussed individually

❓ Are you guys brokers?

No we are not, all operations will be performed by our moving company

❓ Where do you leave our belongings overnight?

We leave them in our truck on a surveillance and secure parking lot.

❓ Can you provide boxes for TV and wardrobe boxes?

Yes we can provide any boxes for an additional cost.

We Charge a Reasonable Price

Our company believes in making the services of our long distance movers as accessible as possible. So apart from our simplified pricing scheme, we also make sure to ensure our rates are highly competitive.

Excellent long distance move services don’t have to come with a steep price. We promise immense value unmatched by the average company within the same price range.

The same holds true for everything else we offer, including packing materials that our movers can bring on the day itself. These are some quotes below:

  • NYC to New Hampshire starts at $1,800
  • NYC to Washington, D.C., starts at $2,000
  • NYC to North Carolina starts at $3,500
  • NYC to Miami, Florida, starts at $5,500
  • NYC to Denver, Colorado, starts at $8,000
  • NYC to Austin, TX, starts at $9,000
  • NYC to Seattle, WA, starts at $10,000

Ready to Get Moving? Let Our New York City Long Distance Movers Do the Heavy Lifting for You!

If you want peace of mind for your NYC move, Born to Move is most suited to the job. With our experience, expertise, and growing breadth of knowledge in the industry, you can be confident that everything will go as it’s supposed to.

Don’t wait until the big day is near. Phone and get your free quote today. Long-distance moving should never be hard. Hire our highly-rated movers and see the difference today.