Movers from NYC to Savannah

Moving between states is an exciting but challenging experience. If you are a potential mover to Savannah from New York City (NYC), you’ll have to think about how to move your possessions safely.

We will help you through this process. Our staff knows all about the traffic in the city, working hours and parking. As one of the best interstate movers, we will safely deliver your items to “The Hostess City of the South.”

Relocation with Born to Move

The Born to Move moving company is your little helper along the way from NYC to Savannah. Booking with us is safe, and we’re reliable – we are fully licensed. We provide all the required certificates upon request.

Our movers have been assisting Americans with moving since 2013. During this time, we were challenged with many unusual tasks, conditions, and requirements. Owing to that, we have invaluable experience in resolving all possible issues, a system of no-stress moves, and a reliable and professional team.

Is this what you’re looking for when you move from NYC to Savannah? Or, are you a potential mover back from Savannah to NYC? Read on to learn the details of relocation!

Company Services

The route NYC – Savannah is one of our most popular long-distance moving options.

What can you expect when you book our movers?

  • Free estimation;
  • Professional drivers and packers;
  • Disassembling/assembling furniture;
  • Wrapping the items with our materials;
  • Hoisting furniture if needed;
  • Packing all the stuff, giving extra attention to fragile items;
  • Overnight or monthly storage if required;
  • Safe delivery to a final destination point;
  • Insurance.

Our crew consists of trained movers. They know how to pack things, and they will protect your floors during the procedure. We provide our crew with packing materials – moving boxes, paper, bubble wrap, and tape.

All our employees are dedicated and responsible, responsive to your requests and with the skills necessary for performing the most unusual moving tasks. Also, they prevent damage during loading and driving.

Upon arrival in Savannah, we help you to unpack, unwrap, and to assemble your furniture. If a mover wants to store some of their belongings in a safe place, our moving company offers clean premises with a climate control system and a high level of security.

Advantages of Our Movers

Comfortable moving is tightly connected with well-scheduled steps and financial planning.


Our price remains fixed, so you can rest assured that no unforeseen expenses will crop up out of nowhere. Hourly rates are a guarantee of a fair cost for our movers. They include the following:

  • Manpower
  • Equipment
  • Truck
  • Packing materials (except for boxes)
  • Floor protection
  • Gas
  • Tolls
  • Insurance

Movers to Savannah can be sure the initial price quoted will remain the same. Some moving companies use hidden costs, such as gas, tolls, and extra miles, as a convenient trick for a would-be mover, attracting them with a lower initial cost of moving. On move day, however, movers may get a surprise.

Born to Move offers fair rates. This works for everyone – movers from New York to Savannah and for movers from Savannah to New York City.

Sometimes it’s possible to get a discount. If you’re ok sharing a van with another mover, the job will be cheaper. This is not a guaranteed option, but if someone else is moving in the same direction you are, we will let you know.

All in all, movers from NYC to Savannah will be pleased with our rates.


Our flat rates include all other charges:

  • Labor & Equipment
  • Floor Protection
  • Wrapped Furniture
  • Tolls
  • Taxes
  • No Additional Fees
  • Fuel Charge
  • Safe Delivery
  • Guaranteed Price

NYC to Savannah Moving

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Additional Moving Services

We’ve been through multiple moving challenges, and based on our experience, we can offer additional solutions.

Commercial moving Your business doesn’t have to suffer exorbitant fees when you can move it to another state. Just as with regular moving, storage options are offered for commercial movers.
White glove moving This is ideal for movers who possess a collection of artwork or any other fragile and highly valuable items. You’ll get packers with 4+ years of experience, as well as special equipment. The price will differ from regular moving.
Piano moving This process requires professionals. We provide this service, and we have successfully moved many pianos across the country.

As a fully licensed mover, we have a right to reserve the elevator for your move and will bring along any special equipment that might be needed.

Movers at Born to Move: How to Book

The usual process of booking our moving company is easy for any mover. Go to our website at goborntomove.com. There you will have two options: to have an online quote or to call us.

For online quotes, fill in a form on the left side of the website. Choose the date you will be moving out from NYC to Savannah, the amount of stuff you’re planning to relocate and indicate the addresses – both in NYC and in Savannah.

For the call, use our number: (617) 903-2609. We work every day, from 8 am – 7 pm. You don’t have to make a deposit, and our free quote means you pay afterwards.

Moving – A Short Guide

Moving from NYC to Savannah Requires time and preparation. As a potential mover, pay attention to the following when moving:

  • Paperwork – update or get new certificates, documents, and insurance. This is a number one rule for any mover! Remember to take all the important documents with you – don’t leave them to be packed and placed in the truck.
  • Packing plan – start packing as early as possible. If you’re not feeling all that comfortable with this task, let us know. We will send our staff to help you with this job. The trained movers will arrive sometime before the move to wrap and pack the rest of the items.
  • You can’t travel with us or put your pet in our truck – so think of the road. Decide how you’re going to get to Savannah from New York City. By plane, it takes 2 hours and 30 minutes; by car – 13 hours.
  • Moving all your possessions to Savannah. Book our moving company in NYC, and feel free to delegate the hard work to our movers.

Moving from NYC to Savannah is relatively easy when you have professional movers at your side.

See You Soon

We will be glad to assist our movers from New York to Savannah and our movers from Savannah to New York City (NYC). Every move is a unique and challenging adventure that only adds to our skills and practice. We hope to see you soon as one of our happy clients!