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White Glove Moving

The BORN to MOVE team will work efficiently when it comes to White Glove moving as we always do. ‘ We send our in-home moving estimator that will coordinate the moving process to get your valuable belongings out of state or locally in the state of New York.

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We can pack, store and crate your most valuable items. We will send the most experienced white glow moving crew that is fully licensed bonded and prescreen with a full background check and are ready to help you relocate from New York anywhere in the world. Why glow moving involves a lot of preparation but when it comes to moving especially white glove movers will be wearing masks gloves and they also take the shoes off inside of the apartment if they need to. Our moving company offers full replacement value for any of the belongings that will be moving with a white glove service in NY.
Any damage can happen during moving that’s why we were trying to give you a peace of mind for your protection. We are serving Manhattan, Long Island, Queens or Brooklyn. We will be packing or unpacking your personal belongings or delivering your stuff with great care with a highly experienced moving team from anywhere in New York to your final destination.

White glove moving service at your request

Our whate glove moving service as part of BORN to MOVE movers assistance , Will understand all the unique aspects that is require some special moving equipment and handling our crew members will be instructed the day before the move and as well as the moving date how to talk and how to move things in the proper way, most valuable items limited but not included that need almost unique care. Our customers are raising some concerns about how we will be moving those things that include bottles of wine collection sculptures, paintings collection full table statues and much more answer is easy most experienced crew and proper equipment for your White Glove movers.

White glove storage

When it comes to storing your belongings in our storage we will make sure to provide most climate control and secure storage for your belongings for short term or long term storage needs. We will provide a secure location and separate storage unit just for you and for your belongings and if you want to visit your storage that would be no problem for us we can let you in and out from our storage facility if you decided to grab some stuff or if you need to put something inside white glove movers help you with this task as well.

How to get a quote for your white glove moving?

If you decide to get a quote for your white glove moving and storage Please feel free to give us a call our moving representative will be glad to schedule an appointment with you during times that are convenient for you.

White Glove Moving

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