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White Glove Moving

Have you ever had to go through the stress of relocating and moving your stuff on your own? It must have been an experience you wouldn’t want to undergo again.

Moving can be tedious and overwhelming, but you do not have to do it alone. That’s why there are moving companies to help you with these activities. They are the solutions to relocation hassles and challenges. Moving companies help transport your belongings to wherever you’re relocating to.

However, there’s more to just transporting your things. Keeping your belongings in excellent condition is as important as moving your stuff. Mishandling of your items while transporting them can cause damage to your property.

However, this damage could be avoided by ensuring your possessions are handled with the utmost care. This is where the white glove movers come in.

White Glove Movers: What You Need to Know

White glove movers are experts skilled in taking extra care of your items, especially fragile ones. These moving companies do more than just transport your stuff. They do the cleaning, storage, packing and unpacking, and other activities to ensure a stress-free relocation for you.

The Born to Move company employs professional white glove movers who carefully move and store your property. Our mission is to guarantee a stress-free moving experience for you.

We also help with storage by keeping your items safe and in good condition. Do you want to renovate your office or home, but you don’t know where to keep your belongings? Born to Move has got you covered. We have storage solutions that secure your stuff and keep everything in safe hands.

Moving Any Distance

The white glove movers company, Born to Move, is licensed and insured for local, intrastate, and long-distance moving alongside international relocations. We have professional long-distance movers ready to help move your things across the country.

New York City (NYC) is one of the most explored cities in the world, so it’s not strange that many people are trooping in and out of New York City, NYC. Distance is never a barrier in the Born to Move white glove movers agency.

The date and time of delivery depend on the distance between where you’re moving from and your destination. If you would like to relocate to New York City (NYC) and the place you’re moving from is very far from New York, you can expect to get your items delivered some days later. We make sure your items are wrapped well to avoid any damage during this period of movement. Our movers have equipment that helps package your belongings to prevent scratches.

Our elite movers from New York to any destination of your choosing are skilled and trained to give you a stress-free experience. Also, we do both directions, moving clients to and from New York City. However, you also have a part to play in having stress-free relocation. These are the things you are required to do before we start our work:

  • Choose your moving date.
  • The new house you will be moving to should be in order before we move your things there.
  • Your important documents should be separated from other papers and well arranged.
  • Sort your belongings properly and differentiate unnecessary ones from the essentials.
  • Make a complete list of all your items for accountability.
  • Finally, you can reach our New York City movers even if you’re moving from another city to New York City (NYC).

Having done all these things and having provided us with the information that we need, you can leave the rest to us. We ensure that you do not have to do anything else.

If you decide to go ahead of us by taking a flight or any faster means, we always provide a live GPS tracking system. This is to assure you that you can trust us with your items.

Moving of Furniture

One of the hassles of residential or commercial relocating is the packing and transportation of furniture. Furniture is the heaviest item in every property, and moving it can be very stressful.

Some people relocating to long-distance places tend to sell their furniture and then get new items near where they’re moving.

Also, the last thing you would want to happen is to discover that your furniture had got damaged after going through the stress of packing and moving it. This alone could be devastating. But you do not have to worry about disassembling, wrapping, unwrapping, and reassembling your furniture. The white glove movers, Born to Move, have got you covered.

White Glove Disassembling

As white glove movers, we have a systematic way of handling furniture. This speaks well of our expertise and professionalism as an elite moving company.

Big furniture like closets, shelves, or office tables is not built to fit in through a door. We could move them through the window, which would attract an extra charge due to additional labor. This service is known as a Hoisting Service.

However, the best way to move furniture like that is by dismantling it for easy movement. These are the steps we follow for disassembling:

  • Before doing anything at all, the first thing we do is take pictures of the furniture. This will be handy later when we are about to reassemble it.
  • We unscrew tables, cabinets, cupboards, and closets. The knobs are also removed when necessary.
  • There’s an appropriate handling process for screws and knobs. They are always kept in plastic bags to avoid misplacement and ensure easy assembly.
  • Cushions are also separated from sofas.

White Glove Wrapping

During this process, we make sure the furniture is well-packed and wrapped. Our movers are skilled in carrying out this process. One of the materials we use for this process is a moving mattress and a furniture blanket. These blankets are thick enough to protect your tables, chairs, and wardrobes effectively.

Although we also use bubble wrap and tape, they are rarely used directly on wooden furniture, especially old pieces. Tapes or bubble wraps cause steaming, and this may result in damage to the wooden furniture. So, we try as much as possible to avoid using tape and bubble wrap directly on wooden furniture.

White Glove Packaging

When you leave your moving plans in the hands of the professionals at our company, you need not worry about anything. Packing or boxing your items is our duty as white glove movers. The furniture that will fit in a box is kept in a box for easy carriage, while the bigger items are left wrapped with moving blankets and bubble wrap.

Below is the list of the types of packing materials we use:

  • Small boxes
  • Medium boxes
  • Large boxes
  • Dish pack
  • Packing paper
  • Tape

White Glove Unwrapping

Before this process, we make an arrangement plan to know how the furniture will be placed and arranged in your new home or office. This is necessary to avoid the rearrangement of the tables, chairs, beds, and so on after moving in.

Our skilled movers ensure that the sharp objects used for unwrapping do not cut or scratch any furniture parts. They’ve been trained on how to handle those sharp objects.

White Glove Assembling

This is done after unwrapping, and we use pictures taken while disassembling to assemble the furniture. Complications may arise during this process, but based on the photographs taken, we get to join the furniture parts without stress.

White Glove Loading and Unloading

Another major challenge of moving is the loading of your items into the truck and unloading from the truck. This particular work requires professionalism and competence.

We do not only do the wrapping, disassembly, unwrapping, and reassembly alone. Our skilled movers also help with loading your items into the truck and unloading.

Our trained workers at the Born to Move moving company are strong enough to lift and move your belongings without dragging them. Also, they know how to arrange your items into the truck to prevent issues.

In short, we alleviate all the stress of moving for you. The only thing you’ve got to do is to trust us to do a good job.

White Glove Moving

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Additional Services in New York

There are some additional moving activities we offer aside from the ones mentioned above. This depicts how much we want you to have a pleasant relocating experience. The following are the additional services:

New York City: Permission for Parking

One problem that occurs when relocating is the challenge of finding a parking space. A truck takes at least two parking spaces, which will be challenging if you live in an area with no parking lot. Therefore, a parking permit will be needed to park the truck as it needs to be near the apartment you are moving from or moving to.

Fortunately, we also offer help getting parking permits, which will warrant an extra cost.

Hoisting Service

Some large furniture can’t be dismantled nor pass through a door and will only fit through the window. Hand-hoisting requires expertise to handle. So, extra human labor will be needed to lift and move the tables, closets, or chairs. This extra service also attracts an additional cost.

Moving Charges

The moment you send in your move details to our company, we will estimate your moving cost and send it across to you. Meanwhile, there will be an additional cost for using Born to Move’s white glove movers. The hoisting service also attracts an additional cost, but gas, tolls, and miles do not.

Our charges include the following;

  • Size of furniture
  • Fuel costs
  • Labor equipment
  • Floor protection
  • Tolls
  • Taxes


You can see that there’s more to a successful relocation than simply hiring the first moving company or service you come across. The complexity of dealing with highly delicate items is why it’s essential to get the help of white glove movers rather than a standard moving company. A typical moving company helps with transporting and nothing else. In contrast, white glove movers help to disassemble, wrap, unwrap and assemble property, all while being extra careful with anything delicate.

Born to Move is one of the best white glove movers in Boston that offer interstate, local, intrastate, and long-distance moving services. At the Born to Move company, we have experts and professionals who are fit to give you an easy and stress-free relocating experience.