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The trustworthy moving company located in Brooklyn (NYC) offers many moving services, providing neatly organized relocation maintenance performed on a professional level. Our team and moving experts are capable of dealing with moving tasks of any complexity, turning this unusual journey into a stress-free moving experience.

The lack of skills and relocation experience when moving on your own can lead to many difficulties for various crucial tasks that may end up being performed unwisely. That is why it is highly recommended to hire a professional moving company in New York City thus to receive considerable assistance from a skilled team. We have operated in the field for over five years and have dealt with many moves, addressing the needs of a local clientele. We provide an extensive range of services, including full packing.

The importance of packing services delivered by a reliable moving company located in Brooklyn

Even though packing one’s possessions is just the tip of the iceberg, the process itself involves many major aspects necessary to be taken into account. What supplies does one need when getting their items packed? What are the most reliable packing supplies? What are the best ways to protect breakable possessions when preparing for a move? We are here to provide detailed answers to all the aforementioned questions, explaining the importance of hiring a professional moving service in NYC to maintain the packing process.

Items packed and secured by a professional moving crew in New York City

Keep in mind that before getting your things stowed by skilled movers, there are two steps to follow. The first one concerns decluttering your personal space to avoid packing and moving things you no longer need at your new dwelling. The latter is making a checklist of things planned to be packed. The essentials can be stowed separately and loaded the last. It is vital to mark the items that need to be properly protected and secured; those may be breakable glass-made items or oddly-shaped things.

Once the list has been created, the team prepares boxes and other packing supplies to stow all the items required to be moved. These can include the following ones:

  • Kitchen sets, and utensils.
  • Folded clothes, clothes on hangers, as well as all types of shoes.
  • Bathroom towels.
  • Kitchen towels.
  • Stationary.
  • Books.
  • Blankets, bedding, and sofa covers.

The list may be endless, depending on the things used by a customer in the household. But those are not the only ones planned to be moved. In this case, a question may arise; what about your furniture?

Should pieces of furniture also be packed?

A reliable moving facility should offer furniture disassembly and reassembly for there might be large pieces of furniture that cannot be moved unless they are dismantled. However, they may consist of pieces that need to be packed separately, or even protected by some cushioning. Packing services cover these, too, for it is important that all pieces that have been removed from the furniture remain in one place by being properly stored in a secure cardboard box. Bubble wrap is used to protect delicate furniture made of wood, whereas plastic wrap is specifically designed to protect sofa covers.

Packing supplies and tools used when preparing customer’s belongings for the move

There are a lot of things used by a fully licensed and insured moving facility when packing a customer’s valuable possessions. You do not drop things into boxes randomly and close each box with tape. Skilled relocation experts with a many-year experience in the field have at their disposal a wide range of packing supplies. Here is the comprehensive list of relocation supplies you may request from your moving company.

Different types of bubble wrap

The items made of glass, China porcelain, ceramic and similar materials ought to be properly secured before being loaded into the moving truck. This is where various types of bubble wrap available today come in handy:

  • Standard bubble wrap sheets, and rolls. The layer between the fragile item and the sheet or roll itself is what provides the protection for it is filled with air bubbles. Bubble wrap, available in a variety of sizes and forms, is the most convenient and reliable packing supply used by movers in New York City (NYC).
  • Self-adhesive wrap. You do not need to use tape to secure this bubble wrap. The self-adherent bubble wrap delivers great support and will never slip.
  • Foamed bubble wrap material. Unlike bubble cushions with tiny air pockets, foam bubble wrap consists of air cells filled with foam. It is an object of discussion what type of bubble wrap is better, but you should know that both types show astounding protective properties.
  • Anti-static type. Another cost-effective but reliable solution to protect breakable items. This one, in particular, is used when packing electronic equipment, as well as electronic components regardless of their shape and size.

After wrapping delicate items into the bubble wrap, the movers put them into the cardboard boxes, having previously selected the bins of the appropriate size.

Cardboard boxes

The vast majority of moving companies near me in NYC use cardboard boxes when packing customer’s valuable possessions. You can also request to rent plastic boxes for they are more reliable for a long-distance relocation, but according to moving experts, the cardboard ones will be just enough.

Depending on the size, shape, and weight of items to be packed, cardboard boxes of various types are used to satisfy customer’s requirements:

  • Small, large, and medium cardboard boxes. The small ones are specifically designed to accommodate small but heavy items, whereas large boxes are perfect for storing bulky, oddly-shaped, but light-weighted belongings.
  • The boxes created for mirrors and other breakable items. You for sure do not want your mirror to get cracked into million pieces when moving to a new dwelling. Not only does it bring bad luck, but also lots of mess in the house. In this case, consider requiring a box for your mirror, or any other item made of glass.
  • Dish packs. All the kitchenware, including dishes, ought to be packed separately in special boxes designed for such items. They are designed in a way to keep the kitchenware organized to avoid any mess and damage.
  • Cardboard boxes for mattresses. As bulky as they are, they may seem unbreakable but mattresses ought to be packed in boxes, too. There are cardboard boxes specifically created for mattresses of different shapes and sizes.
  • Wardrobe boxes. These boxes stand upright and come with a bar for hanging clothes, draperies, and other things you do not want to get creased during the move.
  • Customized boxes. In case there are any delicate items that cannot be stowed in any of the aforementioned boxes, the task of the moving facility is to provide the client with custom crates. They are reserved for artwork, antiques, and similar.

Do not forget about packing paper being one of the most important packing materials, too.

Packing paper

Before boxing up, some prefer using packing paper rolls to bubble wrap. Newsprint paper is very simple to use and it is an affordable packing option to go for. What kind of items are recommended to be rolled into such a material?

  • Glassware, kitchenware, dishes.
  • Vases.
  • Electronics and other small household appliances.
  • Pots.

The ink-free material is also used to fill in empty spaces in the boxes if you do not want the bubble wrap to get waisted.

High-quality packing tape

All the boxes ought to be properly secured. That is why high-quality packing tape is used. There are various heavy-duty tapes available in the market. The task of a professional moving crew is to select the most reliable and durable option with great properties and high sticking power.

Labels or waterproof markers

This one is not obligatory but is definitely worth mentioning. If you want to keep things organized, you may use labels for your boxes, or waterproof markers (especially if you have gone for a few plastic boxes) to mark the items. There are colorful stickers available, as well, so it is strictly up to your preferences.

Packing services for you and other relocation organization provided at our moving facility

The Born to Move New York City movers of our relocation facility deliver an extensive range of moving services, among which are packing services, long-distance move, commercial moving, and many more. Each potential customer gets the opportunity to receive a free quote by visiting our website or getting in touch with the crew directly. There are online and on-site free estimates represented on the website within the calculator. The aforementioned feature allows our clientele to get their final move estimated within a short period of time based on the selected services. At customers’ disposal, not only are there reliable packing services with all the nuances taken into account, but also additional secure storage units, transportation trucks, and vehicles of different sizes and capacities, as well as many other benefits. All the services are available inexpensively so that our clientele could easily afford the move without going over the original budget set for the relocation.

Packing service

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