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Ensuring that we deliver the best services to our clients is crucial for us. Let us help you prepare for a smooth and successful move.

  • Labor & Equipment
  • Floor Protection
  • Wrapped Furniture
  • Tolls
  • Taxes
  • No Additional Fees
  • Fuel Charge
  • Safe Delivery
  • Guaranteed Price


Moving can be complicated, but with our dedicated moving crew and additional services we can solve any problem.

Piano Moving
Our company is always ready to help you with Piano Moving.
Parking Permits
We strictly recommend getting moving parking permits in New York City.
Hoisting Services
Hand-hoisting should be attempted by a professional movers.
Commercial Moving
Moving Offices can be really difficult, but not with our team.

Help Us Help You: New York City (NYC) Moving Made Easy

New York has its own atmosphere that will pull you into its gravity. It evokes an emotion like no other, unique enough to feel included, liberated, and at home, all at once.

No wonder, then, that the city makes it difficult for all those who are working on the relocation of their homes! It doesn’t matter if they are moving into New York (NY) or moving out of it; residents will find the relocation difficult. Whether it’s moving across the block or across the Hudson, moving within New York City (NYC) is a battle. But this isn’t a battle they have to fight alone.

Born To Move movers in New York (NY) are veterans of this battlefield, and our team of professionals is happy to assist anyone in moving houses and relocation. We are a full service moving company in New York City (NYC) and count ourselves as being among the top movers around.

What Makes Born To Move the Best Movers in NYC

As far as moving services go, we are confident that we, as movers, offer the very best when you’re moving in NYC. We are a full service moving company, meaning once you hire us, you don’t have to worry about anything. You can ask our movers for the COI number too! This means our NYC movers will disassemble things, pack up all your belongings, and pack them into the moving truck. Our movers will then take care of transport from NYC, take your belongings out and move them into your new house. Unpacking and assembling them, too, is part of our movers’ tasks. You can go as far as asking the movers to even place them as per your preferences. Our company’s movers know everyone has a plan for how they want their new house to look, and we are always excited to help them realize this.

Precise Scheduling

The first thing you have to do for this relocation is to call our company and let our movers know the details of your relocation. Where you’re moving from, where you’re moving to, the date, and anything like that. It helps the movers get a sense of the neighborhood of the relocation and adjust the calendar as per the needs of the client. It’s best to contact us at least a week before your relocation.

Free Quote

The movers will give you a free quote before you hire us, which is an estimate of how much the entire relocation will cost you. Note that the quote is an estimate and subject to change. However, you can use this quote as a guide to shop around for quotes; we encourage you to do this. You should always check in with a few different movers’ services in NY and compare the hourly movers’ cost before settling, but we must tell you that our movers offer the most competitive and affordable rates among all the full service movers in New York City (NYC).

Movers Who Are Ready for Everything

If you do decide to hire the experienced and professional Born To Move movers in New York City (NYC), then congratulations! Our movers are the best! To set things in stone, you will have to pay a deposit. This lets us know you’re in it for the long haul and fix the date, hour, and movers’ requirements for you. Our movers are all professional and well-trained in handling all kinds of clients, with all sorts of different requirements, so they’ll take care of your every need. With our packed COI-covered services, you can expect our NYC movers to arrive before time and get things ready because New York (NY) and New York City (NYC) traffic is a beast in and of itself. Whether you’re moving to NYC or moving out of it, you will need time on your hands. Depending on your needs, we will provide befitting transportation from near your location. On that topic, the trucks in NYC come at no additional cost to you.

Our movers are always ready to:

  • Disassemble and assemble furniture;
  • Wrap/unwrap every single thing;
  • Load/Unload trucks.

You can be sure that any of your belongings, be they potted flowers or a fragile TV set, will be delivered safe and sound.

No Overpayments

In the event that you want to do a long-distance move, rest assured that our services are licensed, and our employees are experienced. You end up paying very close to the price estimate, which is usually less than you expect, and our movers won’t ask you to pay for gas, tolls, or miles, either. In the event of breakdowns or accidents caused by our movers, you are on the hook for anything. We make sure all our movers have insurance, and we pay the compensation cost to any client in case of damage caused during relocation.

We have been in the services of moving for many years and are experienced with handling all kinds of clients. Since 2016, our movers have been winning awards for our moving services. We will proudly bring everything our movers have learned over these years to serve you and all your needs at low prices.


Let us help you prepare for a smooth and successful move.


How much do moving service cost in New York?

Price for Moving in New York depends on the season time, starting $110/h for 2 movers and a truck for out of season time.

Can two men and a truck move safes?

Depending on your size, professional Born to Move Moving Company NYC will provide you with enough movers to make it safe.

Where to get moving boxes in New York?

Born to Move New York City Moving Company will provide you with boxes. Find more info on packing page.

Other Services: The Best in the Business

We’ve mentioned some of the services we provide, but there’s more in store. We figured that charging simple packing, unpacking, and labor by the hour would not cut it to be the best moving company in NYC. So, in order to keep up with the times and rise to be the best, here’s what we also offer.

Storage: The Unsung Hero for NYC Movers

Storage is something many people forget to consider when they hire moving companies. Don’t be one of these people. Storage is very important during a relocation, and being one of the best packers and movers in NYC, we have partnerships with the best storage facilities in NYC. They are all climate controlled and weatherproof, so you can be assured of the safety they will provide to your prized belongings.

Our movers from New York City and State will always ask you to consider storage facilities with insurance to help you out. People often worry about the cost of storage by the hour, but the advantages far outweigh the rates. What advantages does this bring to your relocation? Call us to find out!


We offer to pack and unpack your belongings into boxes because we provide insurance for any damages we cause during the relocation. Even if the damage was not caused during the drive home, we might be liable for any that has been accidentally caused on your end. In order to avoid any confusion and conflict during the relocation, we offer a full service package.

Piano Moving

To hire the best company for piano movers, you need to check their portfolio to determine if they have handled jobs like yours before. The NYC and NY piano movers at Born To Move have extensive experience in the field. Regarding piano relocation expertise, we have been doing this for six years as well. To ensure the safe transport and storage of your piano during relocation, our team will carry along piano equipment, including a piano board, blankets, and shrink wrap.

Parking Permits

Having a place to park is a major headache during relocation, especially in NYC. Parking permits are something to consider if you don’t have access to a loading dock and your trucks require more than one parking spot. It saves you time and ensures that we have a suitable location for the relocation.

If we don’t get parking permits, we will have to park the truck in any nearby available space, which will throw off your anticipated relocation time. So let us know if this is among the full service extras you require.

Hoisting Services

Hand-hoisting is a complicated process during relocation that only trained experts should attempt. It is why we ask what furniture or heavy equipment you have before the move to calculate labor. It is possible to enter and exit through windows or over a balcony if your item is too large to fit through the door. In most relocation cases, three additional movers are needed for lifting to be done properly.

When it comes to moving and hoisting services in New York and NYC, we are experts. We can either hoist your heavy furniture up the stairs or take apart a window to get it in. By hook or crook, we’ll get within any available space.

Our Expertise

Movers come in all shapes and forms. It is up to them to choose between being experts in one type and being a jack of all trades. With our company, however, you’re getting the masters of all relocation trades. Whatever your reason for moving, whether it’s your home or office, locally or long distance, we’ve got your back in NY and NYC.

Types of relocation
Residential Local
Commercial Long Distance


Whether you’re moving a 5-bedroom bungalow in New York, a 3-bedroom apartment, or a studio in New York City, Born To Move’s experts are equipped to deal with all of them. We understand that a house has objects of varying fragility, and we come armed to protect them accordingly. Over the years, residential moving has become second nature to our movers.


When office relocation in NY and NYC are involved, there are several things to consider. Are we just moving the furniture or sensitive company equipment like computers and other industrial machines too? No matter the case, our company packing and moving supplies and expertise cover it all. For more delicate industrial equipment, we will bring special storage boxes to ensure their safety during the move.


Moving near home, across the block, or in the city might seem like an easy task. One you could do yourself. However, this is New York and New York City, and a move like this will still take longer than you expect without professional help. You could consider asking friends for a helping hand, but they won’t be able to pack like experts or have items like ramps or trolleys to help you better.

Born To Move New York City movers and state movers know where parking permits are required, where to park, and other smaller details that will unconsciously bring you an additional layer of convenience during your move. You can also expect the same day move if logistically possible, thanks to our company’s professional, well-organized team of movers, at the same prices!

Long Distance

Long distance or interstate moving is definitely our movers’ favorite. More so when you, the customers, are kind to us. We turn this move into a road trip with your boxes and bring them home safe, like a good date on prom night.

But don’t be fooled; our team knows well how to pack and store your belongings for the long drive ahead.

Our Prices Are Flat Rate

You can get a quick 2-minute cost estimate online with the details you give on our company website. We don’t charge extra in our prices for tolls, labor, packing materials, fuel, taxes, or even for placing your furniture wherever you need it. We have flat prices based on the distance you move, how much stuff you have, and what size truck you need.
Our prices add extra for storage, hoisting, parking permits, and piano moving, but that is only because these require either third-party facilities or more labor than necessary for a standard move your size.


The allure of New York City (NYC) is undeniable. It is one of the largest melting pots in the world, and no matter where you’re from, you will be able to find people to connect with there. Conversely, if you’re leaving the Big Apple (NYC), you will find yourself missing the hustle and bustle–the rude drivers, the fast walkers, the unexpected rain, and the weirdly huge rats.

Whether your journey is taking you towards the city or away from it, New York City (NYC) will make an indelible impression upon you. In making your new home, our services and movers will help you settle in as per your needs and make sure that the place you’re moving into matches up to the image of perfection you have in your head. You deserve that, and our professional movers at Born To Move, NYC, are sworn to see it done.

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