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Movers from NYC to Georgia

Movers to Georgia from New York City (NYC)

Leaving the city that never sleeps and moving anywhere is a drastic change in pace. If you’re a New Yorker, that won’t ever change. You’ve got New York in your bones. Spend the rest of your life out west or down south in Georgia, but you’re still a New Yorker.

However, things are about to change with this move. If you’re the type to not know your neighbors, you had better prepare yourself to be welcomed into Georgia’s warm communities. Sure, you will notice a difference in the accent from NYC, but you’ll feel at home in no time!

Well, that is if you manage to move your NYC home to Georgia. Nervous? Sure you are! Long-distance moving is daunting, more so when it involves interstate travel. But that’s why we’re here. Fully licensed and insured expert movers, Born To Move is at your doorstep, here to turn your NYC move into a hassle-free experience.


Our flat rates include all other charges:

  • Labor & Equipment
  • Floor Protection
  • Wrapped Furniture
  • Tolls
  • Taxes
  • No Additional Fees
  • Fuel Charge
  • Safe Delivery
  • Guaranteed Price

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Things that Worry Movers

As professional movers with a lot of experience, we have noticed certain areas of major concern for movers. Check to see if you find any matches.

  • Should I pack all my stuff?
  • Where can I purchase moving materials in bulk? Retail prices aren’t always pocket friendly.
  • Will the movers charge extra for services like unloading?
  • Will the movers store delicate china with heavy equipment like gym weights?
  • Where are moving boxes available in New York City (NYC)?

If you find yourself asking one or more of these questions, you’re in the right place for answers.

Reliable Services for Our Customers

Born To Move alleviates the stress of long-distance relocation by providing custom and personalized services to each of our customers. Let’s get the elephant out of the room, packing. Our team of movers from New York to Georgia will come to your NYC location equipped with moving boxes and packing supplies to ensure the secure transit of your belongings.

You can be the DJ and play music for our lovely movers while they pack up your valuables, or you can take care of other aspects of the move to Georgia. Our movers have got your back either way. Born to Move’s professionals in New York will disassemble furniture that may not fit through the doorways. After we have finished wrapping and packing all your belongings from New York City (NYC) into boxes, our expert movers will showcase talents unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

One of the rounds in our testing process while hiring our expert movers includes having them play Tetris. They then go through rigorous training in packing boxes. Don’t believe us? Hire us in New York and see for yourself how quickly and efficiently our movers pack and load the boxes onto a moving truck. We will then begin moving to Georgia from New York City (NYC).

Once at your Georgia home, we’ll unload the truck for you, re-assemble your furniture, and if you’ve already created a floor plan for your belongings, we will position your furniture to your liking. As long as our movers don’t spend hours in your Georgia home, moving the sofa two inches to the right and half an inch to the left, our movers are happy to get everything set up for you at no extra charge!

What Else Is Included?

Our moving company also provides storage facilities for your belongings: a climate-controlled box that will keep your stuff safe from heat, rain, and the cold while en route to Georgia. Unless you’re moving things like uranium in our boxes, all your contents will be safe. As far as uranium is concerned, we don’t know, and our movers are not willing to try.

When you get in touch or visit our website, our moving company offers a free quotation based on the information you give us about your move from NYC to Georgia. On our website, you will find a quotation calculator. Fill out a form for us, let us know you’re moving to Georgia from New York City (NYC), and you can get a precise cost estimate for moving from NYC, as we use a flat-rate pricing model.

Our relocation vehicles come in all shapes and sizes to fit your needs. They all come with the necessary moving storage boxes for all sorts of belongings. All of these fall into our quoted price, and we don’t charge extra for fuel surcharges, tolls, or any pit stops we take along the way from New York to Georgia.

Finally, there may be parking restrictions in your new Georgia neighborhood. If you’re wondering whether you need to research the lay of the land before moving, know that you don’t have to. Whether you hire our movers from New York to Georgia or movers from Georgia to New York, our company’s local team of professional movers is located in most major cities and knows the parking policies well.

What Can You Do to Help?

It may seem like we’re doing most of the work, but our work is bare labor. It’s up to you to do the majority of the brainy work. Let us explain.

  1. Make sure you pick a suitable date for moving to Georgia.
  2. Prepare your Georgia house for the movers to arrive. Get all the cleaning and paintwork done beforehand.
  3. Reach out to our movers at least a week prior to moving so we, too, will have the time to prepare the supplies and trucks necessary for your move.
  4. Pack a moving bag and a week one bag. These bags should contain everything you need while moving and during your first week in the house.
  5. Pack separate bags for your children or pets if you have any.
  6. Make an inventory of your items to help you keep track of things.
  7. You will have to categorize your belongings so they can be packed accordingly.
  8. Our movers will label the boxes for you, but it’s better if you do it yourself so you know where everything is.
  9. Declutter and discard anything that may increase your moving cost.
  10. And finally, have a comfortable communication system in place with our company and movers. We know moving is stressful, and this helps minimize conflicts during the moving process. Believe it or not, despite our amazing talents, we cannot read your mind!

Following these steps, you will be able to steamroll your way to Georgia in no time.

The Final Word

Now that we have almost everything covered, we’d also like to add that your moving cost will not differ whether you hire movers from Georgia to New York or the other way around. Our company’s moving prices are for the distance and your belongings alone. So, stop worrying right now and let us help you handle moving from NYC. You and your belongings are in safe hands.