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Piano moving/Furniture moving

To be able to move furniture and large objects, various things are required to be involved to perform the task properly. These are professional skills, considerable experience, as well a set of additional tools. Since it is very challenging to perform such a task on your own when relocating, hiring experienced movers is an absolute must. The moving process itself is considered very demanding and can turn out to be extremely difficult if conducted without any previous expertise, not to mention the process of moving a coach, furniture and such a large item, as a piano. A skilled team of moving experts can handle such a situation, carrying out the process wisely and efficiently. Born to Move New York City movers are here to describe all the delicate nuances involved in the process of shifting a piano to a customer’s new dwelling.

Things to consider when choosing a moving company in New York City to move your piano

The first step in this challenging process of shifting your piano to a new place would be selecting the professional moving service in New York City (NYC) that will be able to meet and fully fulfill your requirements. A good relocation facility ought to deliver the following services:

  • Online calculator that can estimate the cost of a customer’s move according to the relocation services demanded.
  • Packing services that include a wide range of packing materials used to protect customer’s valuable possessions.
  • Additional storage unit.
  • Rapid delivery services.
  • Professional assistance and strong customer support.

At customer’s disposal, there ought to be various instruments and materials so as to work with furniture, and any kind of heavy item like couch or mattress. Moreover, there ought to be moving vehicles of various sizes and capacities, following the number of items required to be relocated.

When transporting a customer’s piano, in particular, the task should be conducted by the moving experts with a many-year experience. They need to know how to deal with such a challenging task to avoid damaging such a delicate musical instrument throughout the entire process.

Key things to know when getting your piano moved by professional movers in NYC

Any type of piano is considered a heavy instrument of a big size and weight. Nevertheless, professional movers near me in NYC are aware of the fact that those are delicate instruments requiring extra protection inside and out, especially when being shifted from one place to another. It is an arduous task that involves using an extensive range of protective materials. Any professional moving expert knows that using the following supplies and tools when shifting a piano is mandatory:

  • Screwdrivers.
  • Moving blankets.
  • Piano skid board.
  • Duct tape.
  • Bubble wrap available in sheets or rolls.
  • Straps.

Depending on the size of a piano, a team of a few skilled movers ought to be gathered to shift the following types of the aforementioned musical instrument:

  • Grand pianos.
  • Horizontal piano instruments.
  • Upright pianos.

Additionally, the customer service team should be at the client’s disposal for any negotiations concerning the final piano moving cost. Competitive pricing is usually based on the parameters of the musical instrument to be shifted. These are the type of the piano, its weight, the distance between the customer’s old house and new dwelling, and the age of the musical instrument. Besides, there is another crucial factor that impacts the final cost of the piano transporting. It is related to the complexity of the delivery to be performed. The price may be higher if there are any stairs on the way.

Moving piano and other relocation services in New York City available at the customer’s disposal

As one of the most reliable, fully licensed and insured moving companies located in Brooklyn (NYC), we realize the importance of hiring a professional team to perform various moving tasks, including preparing and shifting furniture and such a delicate musical instrument, as the piano. We proudly offer a wide range of relocation services that cover all the key aspects of piano moving.

Packing services are considered obligatory and involve using a broad spectrum of protective packing materials, additional supplies, and tools. These can take part while preparing a piano for its next move:

  • Cardboard boxes of various sizes.
  • High-quality packing tape.
  • Bubble wrap sheets.
  • Cargo straps.

The task of professional stress-free movers is to protect furniture, any fragile items and secure them properly in the moving vehicle to avoid any damage during transit, which explains why there are so many additional tools used.

Furniture disassembly and reassembly is another moving service, making the core of the relocation performed efficiently and on a professional level. There are large items that cannot fit through the doorways unless they are dismantled. That is why the skilled team of experienced employees should perform the procedure of disassembling large pieces of furniture and protect them additionally. This is particularly related to commercial moving or any other relocation that involves working with large and heavy pieces of furniture.

Born to Move New York City movers guarantee the high quality of the conducted moving process, making sure to prepare your musical instrument, as well as other items, properly for the move. We are here to discuss the price of your piano move. The online estimator is available on our website and is free to use. The customer service team of experienced and competent moving experts is here to answer any customer inquiries concerning the final piano move cost, or any other topics.

Why pick our moving facility to relocate your piano in New York?

If you want to get your musical instrument moved safely and rapidly without any damage, you have come to the right place for we always follow the meticulous procedure of preparing a piano to be moved:

  • Estimating the weight and size of your musical instrument.
  • Deciding whether an additional storage unit is required.
  • Calculating the number of skilled and experienced relocation specialists required to move the object.
  • Preparing necessary tools and materials according to the type of the delicate musical instrument to be shifted.
  • Coming up with a detailed transportation plan and introducing it to the customer.

Undoubtedly, transporting a piano is one of the hardest tasks to perform. We are ready to deliver professional planning and assistance, supporting the customer throughout the entire moving process.

While considering hiring a professional moving company, the logical question arises; can you perform such a task on your own? One should be aware of all risks that a piano move may potentially involve. When done unprofessionally and without additional equipment, the customer risks injuring themselves, damaging the property, or, most importantly, the piano itself. It is a challenging undertaking requiring both skills and tools you may not own thus hiring a professional team of movers near me in NYC is an absolute must. In case you decide to hire our professional team of moving specialists, we are ready to perform such a challenging task, facing all the difficulties bravely.

How to prepare for the piano move with Born to Move New York City?

First, it is necessary to work with the environment the piano is installed. Before moving such a heavy object through the house, or even down the stairs, it is highly recommended to measure the hallways, doorways, as well as staircases. All the space ought to be properly measured and analyzed beforehand.

Second, estimating the piano weight is another important step as it determines the number of hands and equipment required to move the object. This is up to our moving experts as we possess all the items necessary to work with extra large objects so as to move them safely.

Last but not least, protecting the space around the piano. The piano move process has many risks. Not only can you potentially damage the musical instrument, but also the doorways, walls, floor, and space around it. The pieces of furniture on the way of the piano ought to be removed, as well. All the space must be protected with blankets, towels, bubble wrap, and anything that can help avoid scratches and major damage. Any sharp edges on the piano’s way are to be additionally covered. This applies when both moving a musical instrument out of the customer’s old dwelling and installing it in a new environment.

Finally, after such meticulous preparations, the piano can be shifted. The task of the professional movers is to have all the necessary equipment in their hands. Depending on whether your piano is a grand, or upright one, the instrument will be moved accordingly. Afterward, it is highly recommended to bring the instrument to its peak condition again by reassembling it if required.

Do not hesitate to visit the official website of our moving company so as to schedule your piano move or any other relocation service you are looking forward to being delivered. We are here to answer customers’ inquiries and get them acquainted with the moving plan created by our skilled team of moving experts according to their demands and requirements. Use an online estimator to get your piano move or other forms of relocation calculated precisely or get in touch with us directly to get all the moving nuances explained in detail. We are experts in moving large and heavy objects safely, providing each customer with a pleasant moving experience regardless of the complexity of the relocation task required to be performed within the specified period of time.

Piano moving/Furniture moving

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