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Our full service moving company specializes in handling a wide range of moves and international relocations, handling situations of any complexity bravely and wisely. The experts of our facility can maintain the move on a professional level for we have been working in the field since 2016. The great reputation among New York residents, positive reviews, and a huge number of satisfied customers are the things that silently prove that we are among the best in the field.

As of today, we are here to provide professional assistance, handling any last-minute relocation and helping the customer to move to a new place within the shortest period of time possible. We proudly offer an extensive range of essential and emergency moving services, delivering considerable support and affordable assistance. Today we are talking about the nuances of handling the last-minute relocation for it involves many things to be taken into account. It is not like the ordinary relocation that features multiple-step preparations required to be performed in advance. Let us find out more about the last-minute move.

How to prepare for the last-minute move with the assistance of a reliable and professional moving service in NYC

First things first, one ought to stay calm to remain organized. Chaos is the biggest enemy of yours in such a delicate situation. The moving process itself, even when there is enough time ahead, is a very complex process that may appear challenging to perform on your own. Thus, it is highly recommended to hire locally-based moving company with a many-year experience in the field. Only skilled and professional movers are capable of dealing with delicate and challenging tasks, organizing the same day move wisely, and fitting customers’ needs.

Once you have found and hired the relocation facility according to your requirements, rapid preparation follows.

Useful relocation in a hurry tips from a professional moving crew

Usually, any relocation is performed in steps that involve preparing the customer’s items and environment for the move. When it comes to the last-minute relocation, the pattern may vary for there is not enough time to perform particular tasks. The question is, how to prepare for the unforeseen or emergency move efficiently, remaining neatly organized?

Making a checklist of items

Since there is not enough time to declutter and clean your space, you should begin by coming up with the list of items to be packed by the fully-licensed and insured moving crew you have previously hired. But the lack of time does not mean you have to skip important preparation steps. Besides, you can throw the stuff you no longer need while making an inventory of the things you come through. It is highly important to make a list of essentials to be packed separately, as well as the items that ought to be protected for they are extremely breakable. Do not worry, the moving company you have hired will opt for the most suitable packing materials, and supplies to protect your personal belongings. Afterward, make sure to work your way through the list once again as soon as you have finished making an inventory.

Avoid sorting things

Usually, when people have enough time to prepare for the upcoming relocation, they start sorting things that ought to be packed together due to their qualities. This is not the case with the last-minute move where every minute has to be used to the maximum. Making a checklist is obligatory but it is not necessary to categorize the items according to their common qualities. Do not waste your time on that, just get your possessions packed by a professional moving crew and follow the packing pieces of advice mentioned below:

  • Get your clothes packed the way they are. There is no need to fold or unfold your clothes or get a special bag for them. Due to the short time frame, it would be wiser to leave the clothes in the condition they are in your drawer. For the items hanging in the closet, you can get a garbage bag or any other type of bag to roll around them.
  • Use the boxes wisely. Regardless of what type of packing box is used for your last-minute relocation, the task of professional and skilled movers is to handle them wisely. As soon as the box has been finally stuffed, it ought to be secured with tape and loaded into the transportation vehicle. By doing so, the crew will be able to keep the space clear for other boxes and items.
  • Preparing fragile items for the move. In the majority of cases, an experienced moving facility uses bubble wrap so as to protect breakable items. But you can also use towels, socks, and other soft clothing to not only fill in the empty spaces in the boxes and pack the soft belongings at the same time but also protect extremely delicate items, saving up your valuable time.

Relocation is not only about packing things. There is furniture that ought to be disassembled to be moved out of your old dwelling.

Dealing with pieces of furniture

Leave this challenging task to professional movers near me as it requires both strength and the use of a wide range of additional tools. Since you have no time to measure the space around, you can protect it beforehand by covering the sharp edges of both the item required to be packed and the walls. In the meantime, the team of movers in NYC will dismantle the furniture, using the necessary equipment to do it rapidly and efficiently. Keep in mind that all fragile and oddly-shaped items inserted in a piece of furniture are packed and secured separately.

Reasons to hire our Born to Move New York City movers to handle your last-minute move

If your upcoming relocation occurred absolutely unexpectedly, you can count on the professional assistance of our experienced and skilled team of same day NYC movers. As stated at the beginning, we have operated in the field for a considerable number of years and thus have learned to listen to customers’ demands and requirements. We put the needs of our clientele in the first place, delivering first-rate moving services around New York and its boroughs. An extensive range of essential relocation services and features, as well as the readability of professional staff to cooperate and maintain any relocation process on the first-rate level, are the key things that distinguish us from other relocation facilities residing in the proximity.

Key moving services that will turn your move into a stress-free moving experience

As of today, at our customers’ disposal are the following moving services:

  • Additional storage space. In case you want some of your things to be preserved for the specified time frame, we are ready to offer additional storage units selected according to the items that ought to be put there. We can move your essentials first and then deliver the rest of the stuff to the storage space, and then move them to your new dwelling when required. The storage unit is protected from unpredictable weather conditions and is capable of accommodating any number of items pre-packed by the moving team.
  • Wide range of moving trucks, and vehicles. Depending on the number of goods required to be transported to the previously specified place, the moving vehicle of the appropriate size is chosen by our skilled movers. At customers’ disposal, there are moving trucks of different capacities, capable of handling any type of move.
  • Packing services. The team of moving experts uses a broad spectrum of packing materials and tools, accompanied by additional equipment. We use cardboard boxes of different sizes to pack customer’s valuable possessions, and heavy-duty tape to secure the former properly.
  • Informative support and assistance. The task of the relocation company is to provide the client with a pre-calculated moving cost according to their needs and demands. Afterward, the team comes up with a moving plan that ought to be introduced to the customer. Throughout the entire moving process, our professional team and relocation experts are available to you in terms of receiving any additional piece of information or advice regarding the process.
  • Long-distance relocation, and other types of move. We can deal with any type of relocation on a professional level, delivering equally satisfying final results and maintaining the process efficiently.

Moreover, we use the flat-rate pricing model, which is suitable for any type of move, as well as for the relocation of any complexity. This pricing model is used by the first-rate moving companies near me only for it is more reliable and affordable. Do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly customer support to receive a free quote for your move. We provide online and on-site free estimates, allowing our potential clients to use an online calculator available on our website. The aforementioned feature estimates the final cost of the move based on the selected services. The customer is required to fill out the form on the screen, providing all the necessary pieces of information to calculate the precise moving cost.

Last minute movers NYC

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