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Movers from New York to Dumbo

Moving from New York City to Dumbo without expert help can be stressful because loading trucks on your own can be a difficult undertaking. We hope to ensure a smooth moving experience for you and your family as you relocate. If you’re looking for reliable movers in NYC, your best bet is to use Born To Move. Thousands of customers have benefited from our company’s full portfolio of moving services, which includes local, long-distance, commercial, and residential moving options. Our moving crew has decades of expertise between them, so nothing will surprise them.

We’ve helped tens of thousands of people moving across the United States, from coast to coast, and innumerable towns in between.

Trustworthy Team of Movers

While relocating, you’ll want to make sure your furniture, artwork, and other valuables make it to Dumbo from New York City without a fuss. Our movers from New York to Dumbo will handle every last detail so that you can concentrate on what really matters to you—your loved ones, your career, and your exciting new life!

Our moving specialists are trained to tailor a detailed strategy for long-distance relocation to your specific requirements. Whether you’re moving to a one-bedroom apartment or a full floor of business space in Dumbo, our NYC movers will help you every step of the process.

All of our movers from Dumbo to New York have undergone extensive background checks and are hired only after meeting all of our stringent requirements. To ensure that our NYC to Dumbo movers meet our high standards and expectations, we provide our movers with training as well as assistance with the planning and moving processes

The Born to Move advantage in your move to Dumbo from NYC will become clear when you factor in the compassionate and respectful culture among our movers who prioritize customer satisfaction. Your precious belongings are in good hands with our movers, who have the experience and knowledge to pack and unpack them safely and effectively.

Licensed and Reliable Company

Our movers from Dumbo to New York come with all the necessary insurance and a sterling safety record. You can trust our movers to make your long-distance move simple since we are fully licensed, certified, and insured and comply with all state and federal relocating regulations.

Customized Packing Options

The amount of time it takes to pack up even a small apartment, let alone a house full of one’s life’s possessions, can come as a surpriseYou have the option of having our movers pack just a few rooms or your full house. Whatever the scenario may be, you can rest assured that your belongings in NYC will be carefully packed and labeled by our movers, who will strive to make moving and unpacking at your Dumbo home a breeze.

Our movers from New York to Dumbo will handle all the moving and packing at your NYC location. We will deliver all your packages and valuables safely to Dumbo. If necessary, we can also unpack and reassemble your furniture and other belongings in your new place of residence in Dumbo effortlessly.

Versatile Short and Long-Term Storage

We will come to your NYC home, collect your belongings, and move them to a storage facility in New York City that is both safe and convenient for you to use for as little or as much time as you require. Simply let us know when you require the return of your items, and our movers will move them to you in Dumbo at a time that is convenient for you.

Self-storage facilities are typically not equipped with climate control. Our movers offer secure, climate-controlled storage units in New York City to protect and prolong the life of your valuables. Your record albums, boxes, book collection, and wooden furniture will all appreciate it.

Our NYC storage facilities are guarded 24/7 by security cameras, and only authorized company members are allowed inside. Also, you don’t have to memorize any lock combinations.

Special Service to Move Valuable Items

The utmost caution and safety will be exercised by our movers when handling and moving your priceless antiques, artwork, and costly furniture pieces. Our movers take an inventory of your valuables in NYC before packing and moving them to Dumbo to ensure they remain in the same condition upon arrival.

The GPS tracking and strict adherence to all safety requirements of Born To Move’s fleet of reliable vehicles provide you with further peace of mind. In every step of the moving process, our Dumbo to NYC movers will treat your precious belongings with love.

What to anticipate from our valuable items movers:

  • Premium packing and moving supplies and/or boxes;
  • Instructions for special moving, including disassembly and assembly when necessary;
  • Flooring and wall coverings to shield your NYC house, studio, showroom, or business from damage during the move;
  • Vehicles that are both sanitary and secure, with features like climate control and hydraulic lifts for loading and unloading;
  • Thorough examination;
  • Setting up the item exactly where it needs to be at your Dumbo home;
  • Specialized options are available upon request.

Affordable Prices

The cost of rent in NYC is exorbitant, but the cost of moving out to Dumbo shouldn’t be high.

A moving company in New York City shouldn’t be considered a luxury service. It’s common practice for a moving company to charge per hour. Because of this, Dumbo movers are more likely to move slowly or to rush through the moving process, which increases the risk that furniture could be damaged.

The Born To Move packing and moving company has always made it a priority to offer fair and affordable rates for its moving service. Additionally, because of our price guarantee, there won’t be any hidden fees or charges when you move to Dumbo. Our company does not charge extra for miles, tolls, or gas. Find out how much your move from New York City to Dumbo will cost without spending a penny right now!


Our flat rates include all other charges:

  • Labor & Equipment
  • Floor Protection
  • Wrapped Furniture
  • Tolls
  • Taxes
  • No Additional Fees
  • Fuel Charge
  • Safe Delivery
  • Guaranteed Price

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