Movers NYC to Long Island City

Home to breathtaking and diverse sights like the Vanderbilt estate, Oheka castle, and Montauk Lighthouse, Long Island City is an amalgamation of all things beautiful. And with its thriving financial and residential districts, it’s no wonder people want to move here.

Unfortunately, moving isn’t always easy. You have issues related to logistics, manpower, budgeting, and even weather that you have to take care of. But do you need to do everything on your own? With Born to Move’s movers in Long Island City, you’ll have a reliable moving partner. Whether you’re moving local or long-distance, we’ll deliver a stellar level of service unmatched by even the toughest competition.

Moving Companies Long Island NY: How Will They Benefit You?

Many people think that professional movers just throw your stuff into the back of the truck and drive. But as many DIY movers have found out too late, Long Island City movers do more than that.

That’s why many regret trying to do on their own what at least two of our experienced movers have been doing for years. But with expert help for your move to Long Island City, you’ll benefit a lot because:

Movers Will Take Care of the Heavy Lifting

And we mean this literally. Born to Move understands the stresses that come with moving. Who needs to add physical labor on top of that?

If you’re not a fan of performing physical labor, all you’ll have to do is oversee what our team is doing. Ask about our packing services as well. It can help significantly cut the time you spend on Long Island City moving day preparations.

Long Island Moving Planning Won’t Be as Complicated

By doing everything on your own, you have to take into account even the tiniest aspect of moving. This can be pretty stressful, especially if you already have a lot on your plate.

But if you hire us, we’ll take care of all your planning concerns. Just set the date for your Long Island City move. We’ll make the decisions for you, from the size of the moving truck to the number of movers you need. We can even bring packing materials if you want!

Movers’ Expertise Will Keep You from Encountering Any Potential Issues

Research is a powerful tool for minimizing the potential mistakes you’ll make on your way to Long Island City. But what if you don’t have a lot of time to think and decide?

That’s where Born to Move comes in. Our team is used to making quick decisions based on changing circumstances. With our expert knowledge in the moving industry, we’re confident we’ll be able to make the best decisions and perform the best actions on your behalf.


Our flat rates include all other charges:

  • Labor & Equipment
  • Floor Protection
  • Wrapped Furniture
  • Tolls
  • Taxes
  • No Additional Fees
  • Fuel Charge
  • Safe Delivery
  • Guaranteed Price

NYC to Long Island City Moving

Have Questions? Contact us to get your Answers.


❓ How do you guys charge?

Our charges based on the inventory that you will need to provide after that we will be able to provide you a flat price for your move.

❓ Can you take care of the COI for the building management in advance?

Yes , we will provide you with COI , we are fully licensed and insured, we are carrying 6 different types of insurances.

❓ How do you move stuff?

Our movers will provide professional equipment such as dollies commercial bin boxes tools for bed and much more.

❓ Can I ride with you in the truck between both locations?

Born to Move following insurance regulations unfortunately you’re not able to ride with inside the truck or go in the box for a ride.

❓ Do you guys have any hidden fees?

No we don’t have it.

❓ Can you take TV off the wall?

Yes we can do it for you.

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Long Island City’s Best Moving Company: Born to Move

If you’re looking for a moving company in Long Island City that will provide services as smooth as a good glass of long island iced tea, Born to Move is the only choice. We’re fully licensed and fully insured. More importantly, we place a premium on the customer experience.

With our movers in Long Island City, you’re not just getting the bare minimum. You’re getting the best combination of value and price. When you hire our expert team, you get all of these advantages:

Movers at Prices You Can Afford

Stellar services don’t need to come at astronomical prices. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver great value to the market without the accompanying steep price tag. To improve the financial accessibility of our services, we strive to set rates that are fair to our hardworking movers and to our clients.

We also make it easy for you to budget for it by already incorporating these things into the cost of our services:

  • Fuel charges
  • Toll
  • Miles
  • Moving truck
  • Labor of movers
  • Floor protection

For local moves, we set an hourly rate. Meanwhile, long-distance movers are available at a fixed charge.

Long Island City Familiarity

Having completed a lot of bookings to or from Long Island City, our team is already intimately familiar with the place. This makes navigating its roads much easier.

With us, you don’t have to worry about your items getting delayed or lost in transit. We don’t just rely on navigation apps. Instead, we built our local knowledge through experience, so every move to or from Long Island City becomes easier.

Local and Long-Distance Moving Experience

No matter where you’re coming from, rest assured that you’re getting the best from our top talent. And this is no accident. Born to Move implements a meticulous moving process to ensure your satisfaction every time:

  • Carefully disassemble furniture
  • Wrap each resulting part in wrapping paper that we provide
  • Load and unload all your items in/from the truck
  • Unwrap each part to prepare for reassembly
  • Reassemble all furniture

Every part of this process is designed to prevent damage to your things.

Movers Long Island NY: How Can Born to Move’s Top Experts Help?

If you’re convinced of the capabilities of our movers in Long Island City, the next step is selecting the service or set of services best fitting your requirements. Here are our most popular options:

Moving and Storage Long Island: Our Movers from Born to Move Have High-Tech Storage Facilities

We’re not just concerned about preventing thieves or animals from getting to your things. We also want everything to be in top condition when you get your belongings from storage.

That’s why each of our storage units is temperature and humidity controlled. This will prevent excessive heat, humidity, or dryness from slowly deteriorating the condition of your things.

Commercial Moving? Long Island City Movers Have Got Your Back

Your most delicate electronics and most expensive art pieces are safe with us. Our movers will make sure of that.

But we’re also concerned about minimizing or completely eliminating operations downtime. So as much as possible, we’ll do all the moving outside office hours. And by the time everyone gets in, everything should be set up for work.

Long-Distance Moving? Our Long Island City Movers Will Take You Anywhere in the US

Our team has provided services to movers from all parts of the country. We know that it’s more than just the distance that makes traveling long distances complicated.

So, for long-distance, we also control for potential temperature changes that may affect your things after prolonged storage in the truck. You may also track our live location via GPS so you know exactly where we are.

Local Moving? Top Local Movers Will Handle the Job Superbly

Hassle-free moves within Long Island City are possible with top local movers working for you. Whether you’re moving from a small apartment or a huge residential estate, our experts will thoroughly examine the conditions to execute the job properly.

Our goal is to get it done ASAP. So, from the moment we arrive at your place to when we reassemble the last piece of furniture, rest assured that we’ll always be working at maximum efficiency.

Long Island City Movers Are Waiting for Your Call! Move with Our Experts Today

With top movers in Long Island City on your side, you’ll have all the assistance you require for moving to a local or long-distance location. Our team has the experience, skills, and equipment necessary to pull off a successful move every time.

Because Long Island City has a high demand for movers, we get booked up pretty quickly. As much as we like to help all going to or from the city, our movers may not be able to accommodate all requests.

So don’t wait until you’re near the moving day! Book our movers as soon as possible. Call (617) 903-2609 or fill out our form on the site today. Let’s get you to Long Island City, shall we?