Movers NYC to Staten Island

Are you moving out of Staten Island? Going to another part of the country or moving elsewhere in New York? Either way, you need to get some change out for the Verrazzano bridge toll- eh?

Well, now that you’ve made the choice to move, who’s helpin’ ya’?

Born to Move has a team of professional movers in Staten Island that will help you pack, move, and settle down in your new home without a hassle. Let’s get wrapping!

Born to Move: The Secret Behind Their Efficiency as Staten Island Experts

We’re positive that no other Staten Island moving company can compare to ours. Once you’ve hired us, we’ll handle every aspect of the move, so you don’t have to. All you have to do is call our movers and ask them for the COI. Staten Island moving professionals will disassemble furniture, pad fragile goods, and load the truck with moving boxes. After we have packed and loaded all your goods onto the moving van, we will drive them to your new home. Our movers will not only pack and move your things, but they will also unload and reassemble your furniture. The movers will even put everything wherever you want it. Here, the movers will go above and beyond to ensure that your new place looks precisely as you pictured it.

Movers’ Accurate Time Management and Budget Planning

Contacting us and speaking with a relocation consultant about the move’s particulars is the initial step. Dates of departure and arrival need to be set in addition to the starting and finishing locations. The movers will have a better grasp of the neighborhood and can modify their schedules accordingly. It is best to get in touch with us a week before your move.

To help you budget for your move, our movers will offer you a free price quotation before you engage them. The price is just an estimate at this time. We recommend using this quotation as a baseline against which to evaluate other quotes.

NYC’s Most Skilled Moving Team

If you’re seeking a trustworthy Staten Island moving service, call us. Born to Move is the right moving company in Staten Island for you. Our crew includes some of the finest movers in Staten Island. Your reservation will not be held without a deposit. With this signed agreement, we know you’re in it for the long haul and can schedule the moving van and movers accordingly.

Because of the insanity that is Staten Island traffic, our movers will come early and be fully prepared, thanks to the coverage provided by our COI.

Our Service Charges Are Transparent

Our services are up to the challenge of long-distance moves, so if that’s something you’re interested in, you may relax. Unlike other moving companies, ours won’t add on hidden costs like fuel surcharges or mileage fees. If our movers make a mistake or get hurt on the job, you won’t have to pay for any charges that arise from it. We make sure the movers have insurance and pay for any damages incurred during the move.

Accolades for excellence in the moving business have been coming to our organization since 2016. Our cheap movers Staten Island have been doing this for years, so they can adapt to your needs at prices you can afford.


Our flat rates include all other charges:

  • Labor & Equipment
  • Floor Protection
  • Wrapped Furniture
  • Tolls
  • Taxes
  • No Additional Fees
  • Fuel Charge
  • Safe Delivery
  • Guaranteed Price

NYC to Staten Island Moving

Have Questions? Contact us to get your Answers.


❓ How do you guys charge?

Our charges based on the inventory that you will need to provide after that we will be able to provide you a flat price for your move.

❓ Can you take care of the COI for the building management in advance?

Yes , we will provide you with COI , we are fully licensed and insured, we are carrying 6 different types of insurances.

❓ How do you move stuff?

Our movers will provide professional equipment such as dollies commercial bin boxes tools for bed and much more.

❓ Can I ride with you in the truck between both locations?

Born to Move following insurance regulations unfortunately you’re not able to ride with inside the truck or go in the box for a ride.

❓ Do you guys have any hidden fees?

No we don’t have it.

❓ Can you take TV off the wall?

Yes we can do it for you.

Get a quote

To Get a Free Online Quote you have to go through few simple steps. For more accurate estimate contact us.

Our Home Movers Staten Island NY Experts Also Offer Other Services

We have mentioned a few of our offerings, but we can’t stand out with just the basics, can we? We understood that in order to be the top Staten Island moving experts, we needed to go beyond the standard fare of packing, unloading, and hourly charges. So, what more could we provide?

  • Storage
  • Piano Hoisting
  • Parking Permits
  • Commercial Moving
  • Local and Long Distance Moving
  • Insurance


When planning for relocation, many people fail to account for storage space. Avoid adopting their bad habits. In order to be one of the top packers and movers in Staten Island, you need to have access to the greatest storage facilities in the city. You may have faith that your treasures are protected from the elements, no matter how severe the weather gets outside.

When relocating, our Staten Island movers usually suggest finding a secure storage facility near where you live. Hourly storage attracts customers due to its favorable benefit-to-cost ratio. If you’re moving for a short period or simply need to hold onto fragile belongings, our climate-controlled storage boxes have you covered.

Moving Pianos

See if the work they’ve done in the past is comparable to your own when searching for the top piano movers. The piano movers at Born to Move have been working in the field for a long time. In a similar vein, we have been relocating pianos for the past six years and can do it with ease. Our local movers will supply piano equipment, including a piano board, blankets, and shrink wrap, to safeguard your instrument while in transit and storage.

Parking Permits

Moving may be a real pain if you have to hunt around for a parking spot, and doing so for our movers in Staten Island is extremely challenging. You may need to apply for a parking permit if you have more than one set of trucks and no loading dock. Doing so will save you time and ensure that we are able to move to an appropriate site.

Your move will be delayed if we have to park the truck in the first available space since we don’t have parking permits. Don’t hesitate to let us know if this is something we can do for you.

Large Furniture Challenges

Hand-hoisting, a technique used in relocation, is complex and should only be carried out by trained professionals. In order to avoid a last-minute lack of labor, kindly let us know in advance what kinds of furniture and large equipment you own. You can always use the windows or the balcony if your bags are too big to fit through the door. Most moves need an extra three helpers for safe and efficient lifting.

We provide local expert moving and hoisting services across the borough. By uninstalling a window or utilizing a hoist, we may easily move heavy items of furniture inside. In order to fit, we will squeeze into any and all nooks and crannies.

To put it simply, each of our skilled, local movers is special in their own way. They have to make the tough choice between becoming experts in many areas or focusing on one. Instead of specialists, you’ll find generalists when you choose us. Regardless of whether you’re relocating across the street or across the nation, we’ve got you covered in Staten Island.

Moving Commercially

After successfully moving your home, you can trust us to transfer your business space as well. Planning an office relocation in or out of Staten Island requires careful consideration of several factors. Do we only move the furniture, or do we also need to pack and move the office computers and other essential industrial machinery? All of your packing needs can be met by our business. We’ll bring our own specialized moving containers for the more fragile components of industrial apparatus.

Moving Locally

It’s normal to assume that moving across town or within the same city will be a breeze. One that you can accomplish with a little help. Even with professional help, a move of this magnitude will take longer than intended because Staten Island traffic is notoriously tough to manage on your own. A local friend might be ready to help, but they probably won’t know how to pack like a pro or have any helpful equipment like romps or trolleys.

Crafted with mobility in mind, it’s worth investing in local professional movers for the myriad of small ways they’ll simplify your life. In most cases, our trained and well-coordinated moving crew can complete your relocation the same day you call.

Moving Long Distance

In fact, our movers thrive on interstate moves. Particularly when you, the customers, treat us well. Your boxes will be moved to your new home with the same degree of care and attention you would expect from your child’s first date.

We have local experts who are well-versed in the art of packing and stowing luggage, so you don’t have to worry.


Since our insurance policy covers any loss or damage to your things during the relocation, we can offer safe packing and unpacking services. Damages you sustain as a result of our negligence will be our responsibility. Unlike when you try to relocate on your own, there won’t be any worries, difficulties, or disputes because we provide a comprehensive service package as Staten Island movers.

Final Word

In closing, rest assured that our fully insured and licensed firm’s flat fees are reasonable and that our estimate will be well within your moving budget. Whether you’re relocating across the country or just across town, the price of professional Staten Island movers will be determined solely by the distance traveled and the volume of items being moved.

Give yourself the break you deserve while we move your belongings out of Staten Island.