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Separated by nearly 800 and a straight trip down the I-95, moving to Charleston SC from New York City (or the other way around) can feel like an impossible task on your own. There’s a lot of preparation that goes into moving, such as:

  • Estimating the cost for the materials, equipment, and vehicle you’ll need
  • Planning every last detail of your move to make sure nothing goes wrong
  • Coordinating everyone who will help (if anyone is going to)
  • Monitoring traffic advisories and weather changes

And, of course, if you choose to move on your own, you will also need to do all the work that professional movers do before you get to Charleston. Wrapping the furniture and artwork, carrying boxes, loading the truck, and everything else in between. That’s on you!

Unfortunately, not a lot of people have the time and energy to deal with all these tasks themselves. Besides, who wants to pay the heavy price of opting out of a valuable moving service? We’ve seen this play out for many people, usually resulting in damaged items, delayed moving, and much frustration.

That’s where our expert movers come in. With an established and trusted company like Born to Move to do the hard part for you, you know your relocation to Charleston or NYC will be as smooth as it can be.


Our flat rates include all other charges:

  • Labor & Equipment
  • Floor Protection
  • Wrapped Furniture
  • Tolls
  • Taxes
  • No Additional Fees
  • Fuel Charge
  • Safe Delivery
  • Guaranteed Price

NYC to Charleston Moving

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How Can You Take Advantage of Movers from New York to Сharleston SC to Make Things Easier?

Our movers know both cities very well, thanks to our clients who have entrusted us with their moving needs. And even though Charleston, SC, and New York City are both populous relative to the rest of their respective states, they have very different vibes.

Getting reliable relocation experts to help you out with moving to NYC will bring out many positives, such as:

Remove the Stress of Planning

All you’ll need to do is let us into your NYC apartment. Responsible movers plan everything months in advance, especially if they’re going to perform the move during the peak season.

If you hire a top-notch moving company like Born to Move, you won’t need to account for as many factors. Instead, you can focus on readying the kids for their new Charleston schools or visiting your favorite spots for the last time.

Use Our Movers’ Expertise to Your Advantage

How should you go about protecting your items in the truck on their way to Charleston? Should you stack pricey paintings at the very top so they don’t get squashed? Let us help keep you from committing pricey mistakes. We can:

  • Address issues that the average person wouldn’t know how to handle and deal with other concerns about moving.
  • Identify where our services will best fit. And should we need more details about your moving, someone from our company will be in touch.
  • Select the most appropriate equipment on the day of your move from New York City.

Pack and Store Things with the Help of Our Movers

You won’t need to lift a finger! Have you done all the necessary preparation before moving, such as packing your things? You can basically just oversee our movers when they get to your NYC apartment.

Once they’ve loaded the last box into the truck, you can head to your new Charleston abode. The movers assigned to you will continue the job once they’re at the drop-off point.

If you need additional services, just ask. We’ll try to accommodate other needs if the schedule permits it. If you want a completely zero-effort move, ask about our:

  • Packing Services. Our movers will pack kitchen items, clothes, books, and any other possession you have. We can bring moving boxes and other materials for a small price, but you can also provide them yourself.
  • Storage Services. Are you waiting for your new home to be ready? Our company also has temperature and humidity-controlled storage facilities to rent on a nightly or monthly basis.

The earlier you book our moving team for your Charleston move, the better. Depending on your move size, additional services can double the time we’d need to complete the job.

Reasons to Access Expert Movers from Charleston to New York City Through Born to Move

You’ve probably heard of at least one horror story about someone’s experience with a moving company. Sadly, there are many companies in the industry that fail to deliver what they promise.

To improve confidence in moving services, we make sure our movers are all capable, professional, and experienced. Our company is also fully licensed and insured.

But we believe that these are the basics that everyone should have. We aim to go further than this. By hiring us when you move to NYC or Charleston, you’ll be getting the following:

Affordable Service Cost

NYC may be an expensive place to live, but moving out of it shouldn’t be! We want to make moving to Charleston as financially viable as possible.

Our rates are the best around, whether you’re moving from NYC or Charleston. This is a fixed rate that already includes fuel charges, gas, tolls, two movers, and other miscellaneous fees.

Complete Honesty

For your relocation to Charleston from NYC, your movers will always be completely honest with you about potential issues. If we’d arrive late due to factors beyond our control, we’ll be sure to tell you.

More importantly, we’ll orient you on what will happen on your move day. That way, you can ask our movers in advance for more assistance if you feel you need it. If you think you can do it on your own, this will provide you ample time beforehand.

Care and Expertise

Our Charleston movers aren’t just highly-skilled. They also make sure to apply their skills when moving even the least delicate of your belongings. It’s frustrating to see someone thoughtlessly handle and damage your stuff. And we bet it’s even worse if you paid good money for the cost of the service.

That’s why our movers for Charleston and NYC work hard to make you feel your investment in them is worth it. To make sure that your things get to their destination damage-free, we follow this strict moving process:

  • Meticulous furniture disassembling
  • Furniture parts wrapping
  • Strategic package loading
  • Careful item unloading
  • Furniture parts unwrapping and checking for damage
  • Furniture reassembling

Each step is meant to shield your personal effects from damage. Your movers will also use floor protection to provide a little cushion against road bumps while moving from NYC.

For All Your Relocation Needs in Charleston and NYC, We’ve Got You

Want to start things off right? Our movers from New York to Charleston SC have your back. Just set the move date and preferred time, and we’ll be there. Fill out the form on our site or call (617) 903-2609 to book your slot.