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Spill The Beans – Are You Considering Moving To New Jersey?

For anyone considering a move to the United States, there is no better state than New Jersey. New Jersey is home to a wide variety of attractions, from parks and museums to breweries and cafés in the heart of historic downtown areas. New Jersey is an exciting blend of rural and urban, charming and cultural, and is conveniently located near major cities like New York and Philadelphia. Here in New Jersey, we’ve got everything from mountains to beaches to lakes to cityscapes, all of which are ideal for romantic getaways and day trips.

Unlike any other state, New Jersey has 100% urban counties, as defined by the Census Bureau. That’s why New Jersey is one of the most desirable states in the country, attracting a diverse population that includes young people, families, professionals, and tourists, but certainly not forcing those people to move from NJ to NYC.

New Jersey is a great place to settle down if you’re looking for a state with a wide range of cultural offerings without having to commute too far from major cities like New York City or Philadelphia.

Some of the top educational institutions in the United States may be found in New Jersey, and the state also boasts a high standard of living and access to plentiful farmer’s market food in contrast to NYC.

We’ve compiled all you need to know about New Jersey if you’re trying to decide whether or not it’s a good place to call home and worth moving from NYC to NJ.

New Jersey is well situated between the states of New York and Pennsylvania to the north and Delaware and the Atlantic Ocean to the south. Covering an area of just 8,722.58 square miles, New Jersey is one of the smallest states but has been recognized as the second richest state in the United States, with a per capita income of $37,288, a statistic that makes it one of the most desired locations to live. Making it a good choice to relocate from New York City.

In a Small State, Geographical Divisions Have Created Conflict

Broadly speaking, New Jersey is separated into three main areas, each having its unique culture and topography. These areas are North Jersey, Central Jersey, and South Jersey; however, the locals will claim that only North and South Jersey exist and that Central Jersey only exists on paper. In a way, New York City and New York itself pose similar contrasts.

The New Jersey Office of Management and Budget has divided the state’s 565 municipalities up into seven MSAs. Being such a tiny state, this implies that the average size of each municipality is just 15 square miles, but the actual size of each one might vary substantially.

New Jersey’s Hot Summers And Cold Winters Are Relatively Famous For Their Peaks

Summers are hot and humid, averaging in the low 60s to high 80s, and winters are cold, averaging in the low 30s to around 16°F, though these temperatures can be higher or lower depending on specific meteorological phenomena, such as nor’easters, which can directly affect the climate at certain times of the year. You may find it quite different in a company in New York City or New York itself.

The Top New Jersey Neighborhoods

The large cities are plentiful in New Jersey as well as smaller towns, which showcase a delightful combination of country living with quick access to the main highways and the large cities, including New York City or New York at large.

Additionally, Princeton, being a college town, offers a whole slew of opportunities to come in contact with the arts and sciences, as well as a food growing scene, where produce goes directly from the farm to the consumer, allowing for fresher and healthier food, together with the constant availability of specialty and gourmet products. Princeton is the ideal area to raise a family since it is home to several prestigious institutions and colleges, as well as excellent public schools and a world-class public library.

Public transit in New Jersey is well-coordinated and reaches most areas of the main cities, making navigating the state’s urban cores a breeze. The people of tiny communities sometimes choose to ride bicycles or go on pleasant walks when the weather is beautiful; however, a vehicle is still useful for longer trips. Hence, there is a very tiny chance of you thinking of moving from NJ to NYC.

Considering a Relocation to the Garden State from NYC or Elsewhere

You’ve decided to make a huge change and consider relocating to New Jersey. You have sought, visited, and decided on the location of your dreams. Your sole remaining task is to pack your bags and go. However, packing up and transporting a lifetime’s worth of possessions is no simple task, and your whole household cannot be crammed into a single bag. So, how do you start things moving? Perhaps finding perfect, not cheap movers from NYC to NJ can be a starting point.

New Jersey’s Premier Relocation Service Is Born To Move

You may turn your relocation to New Jersey from a tedious chore into an exciting experience by hiring Born to Move movers. Cheap prices are not something to look at, but movers’ quality and concrete experience.

We’re here to relocate you, not just for relocating your belongings. Hiring us to carry out your relocation to New Jersey will guarantee you the best possible service from movers who are not just quick but also very attentive with your belongings.

Remember that Born to Move stands out from the competition because we really care about you and your things, and because each of our personnel treats you with the friendliness and respect you deserve throughout the whole moving process.

Moving Process

Moving may be a very trying ordeal. Moving can be a stressful process, what with packing, finding movers, and then fearing that something may be broken. Although relocating isn’t a walk in the park, there are methods to make the transition easier for everyone involved.

New Jersey Travel Tips Before You Get There

Locate a dependable moving/movers service, truck rental, or portable storage unit.

For your relocation to New Jersey, you will need to engage a competent moving company or take on the move yourself. If you’re searching for a reliable moving/movers company in New Jersey, make sure they have a high-Quality Service Rating, a well-designed and functional website, and plenty of expertise under their belt.

Think About The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Hiring Expert Movers from NY to NJ

If you are relocating across state lines or don’t have any willing friends or family members to help, it may be worth it to hire professional movers. It may be worth paying more to have some of the burdens lifted off your shoulders by pro movers at this trying time.

If you choose the appropriate moving/movers company, working with professionals will be a positive experience. Ask movers as many questions as you like before committing to anything. Doing your homework before moving day will put your mind at ease.

Forward Your Mail

If you are relocating to New Jersey permanently and you get a lot of mail (excluding parcels), you may wish to sign up with USPS’s mail forwarding service. For a certain amount of time, you may have your mail forwarded to a new address. For 6 months, you may have your ordinary mail forwarded for only a little more than a dollar. If you wish to prolong the service, you will have to pay roughly $20 for 6 months longer. You may begin your mail forwarding procedure by signing up on USPS’s website or directly at your local Post Office.

Donate or sell the stuff you won’t need in New York or New Jersey.

Moving to a new location is a chance to start over. If you’re relocating to New Jersey, selling or donating the stuff you won’t need can go a long way in making your move simpler. New Jersey may suffer harsh weather conditions, so you might want to carry loads of winter apparel with you. Nothing is more wasteful than keeping old furniture, clothes, and other belongings around when they might be put to better use elsewhere. Sort through your belongings to find the ones you won’t need in New Jersey. From there, you may decide whether to sell them on sites like Craigslist or Facebook MarketPlace or give them away to charity.

Get Ready for the Big Move!

In order to ensure a smooth transition, it is important to plan ahead. Make time in your schedule to formulate a strategy this afternoon. A strong plan can guarantee your move remains on schedule, ease some of your stress and help you get through the whole moving process with little to no irritation. You can get ready by following these steps.

Generate a Detailed List

While a moving checklist might be a pain, it is worth it. In order to avoid wasting time trying to recall what you need to accomplish, it is helpful to write or type up your to-do list. If you’re planning a move overseas, you’ll find this very useful. You may find it useful to harmonize your itinerary with your movers.

Get Your Finances in Order

Budgeting in advance may help you save costs during your relocation, which might otherwise quickly add up. Whether or not you can afford full-service movers and instead have to do-it-yourself will depend on your financial situation. Having a sensible budget in place before you move can prevent you from spending more than you can afford. Movers do charge different prices, whereas bargaining is also quite a possibility.

Organize a Professional Move or Do-It-Yourself

When you know how much money you have to spend on the relocation, you can decide whether to hire movers or do it yourself. It’s time to start looking into reputable moving firms if you’re thinking about hiring help. Start by asking around your social circles for recommendations on movers. Get estimates from many movers and compare them before making a final choice.

Discover how much it would cost to hire a trunk and other necessary moving equipment. If you can, get family and friends to help you load and unload as well. (Don’t forget the free meals, either!) Otherwise, pay your movers and leave all the hustle to them.


To get rid of unnecessary items, moving is the best moment. Donate or discard the stuff you no longer need. If you take this measure, you’ll have more room in the moving truck and less time spent packing.

In other words, it’s time to start packing.

The moment to start collecting moving boxes and packing materials has arrived now that you have a clearer notion of how much stuff you need to relocate. When packing to move, it’s best to have a surplus of boxes on hand. You definitely don’t want to have to scramble on packing day to go out and get more of anything. More anxiety and time lost is the result of doing that. Inquiry with your movers, whether they can have some reserve boxes just in case.


The packing procedure takes the most time when relocating. Sticking to these packing tricks, though, will make the job easier and faster. Again, your movers can probably give you a few valuable tips. Perhaps, movers can reuse some of your packing or something to offset your expenses.

Gather Your Necessary Items

The day you have to pack will be hectic, so get the most important things done first. Don’t overburden yourself with packing by bringing more things than you’ll need with you on moving day and immediately after you unpack.

Store Your Garments In The Appropriate Drawers

Hold off on cleaning up your dresser. Your drawer likely contains clothing and other nonbreakable goods that may be readily relocated using this packing hack. Shrink wrap the dresser—the material safeguards against the drawers being knocked loose during transport. Unpack everything when you arrive at your new place, and everything will be set up and ready to go.

Maintain Hanging Garments

Keeping your clothing on hooks will make unpacking and arranging your closet a breeze. Put them in piles of five or six hangers (depending on how bulky the clothes are) and cover them with heavy-duty trash bags. Make sure that you inform your movers about it.

If you like, you may store your garments on hangers inside a wardrobe box, which has a metal bar for hanging. Then, when arriving in your new residence, you may promptly transfer your wardrobe into its designated closet.

The Last Part Deserving Of Special Mention!

There is a common perception that moving is a stressful ordeal that requires a lot of paperwork and takes up a large chunk of your time and money. By the matter of making just a few clicks on your budget, Born to Move movers and you’ll get the answers you need. After this little bit of self-promotion, we’d like to welcome you to learn more about the free moving resources we provide to everyone.


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