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Durham is a serene rural town that’s still accessible from major Maine communities like Portland, Lewiston, and Auburn. This makes it a top choice for relocation if you’re looking for a quiet home life that’s still within reach of the big city.

And who needs an excuse to move to NYC? With its bustling commerce, rich culture, and world-famous attractions, it’s everyone’s dream to experience living there even for a while. But whether you’re going to Durham or NYC, you’ll most likely encounter common moving problems like:

  • Not having enough packing materials;
  • Failing to allot enough time or money to the moving process;
  • Stressing out over the weather conditions;
  • Getting tired from lifting boxes and not having enough help.

We’ve heard the experience of a lot of DIY-ers. And while there are some successful non-professional movers, most attempts result in horror stories.

But you don’t have to face any of these potential challenges alone. Born to Move is here to assist you with various aspects of moving, from packing and storage to actual relocation. With our movers from Durham to New York City (NYC) helping you out, you’re guaranteed to have the best experience throughout.

Movers from Durham to New York City (NYC) from Born to Move Are Here

As one of the most trusted in the industry, our moving company is dedicated to protecting this reputation. That’s why through our movers, we’re always striving to provide our customers with more than what they expect for the cost of our services.

Company License and Insurance Guaranteed

From experience, we know that one of the things that matter most to clients like you is assurance. We know that you don’t want to stress over potential moving complications.

Because our company is fully licensed and insured, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Having a license in the moving industry means we have the credentials and capabilities to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Meanwhile, the insurance gives you a guarantee that we can compensate you for damages that occur during the move, whether caused by our movers or otherwise. So, by having us as your Durham moving partner, you have peace of mind no matter what happens.

Expertise in Moving Long Distances? Check!

Our movers have been practically everywhere, even providing cross-country moving services from New York City to California. That’s why we’re confident about successfully completing shorter interstate moves like going from Durham to NYC or the other way around.

We’ve dealt with every potential scenario, from sudden changes in the weather to roads closing. Our team of top movers is proud to say that we’ve overcome all of these. By having moving experts on your side, you know your things will be delivered quickly and safely.

Moving Services of All Types Are Available

If you want movers who can do more than just carry boxes and drive, Born to Move is the best option. To fully assist our clientele, we offer various moving services that fit different needs:

  • Residential Moving. Whether you’re going to an NYC apartment or a big Durham house, we’ll do the job efficiently so you can get settled at your new home right away;
  • Commercial Moving. Our movers will handle your pricey electronics and equipment with extra care and schedule the actual move around your operating hours to reduce downtime;
  • Storage Services. With our temperature and humidity-controlled storage units, you can be confident that your things won’t get damaged from the changing weather while you’re away;
  • Packing Services. Don’t have time to pack? Just let us know in advance, and we’ll do it for you. We can also provide packing materials at an affordable price.

So, whether you want all the bells and whistles or just need NYC movers to load or move, Born to Move can do it all!


Our flat rates include all other charges:

  • Labor & Equipment
  • Floor Protection
  • Wrapped Furniture
  • Tolls
  • Taxes
  • No Additional Fees
  • Fuel Charge
  • Safe Delivery
  • Guaranteed Price

NYC to Durham Moving

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Durham Moving Company Basics and More; You Get It All with Us

Are you worried about your stuff getting to New York City or Durham in pristine condition? Our movers have the skills and expertise to prevent damage, especially while in transit. But even though that’s enough for clients to book us, we believe in giving you all that you deserve:

Company Policy of Full Transparency

With moving long-distance, our price already includes the gas, tolls, miles, truck, and labor of at least two movers. This is a flat rate, so you can easily budget for it. Other moving companies may give you a hard time finding out what the true cost of their services will be.

But it’s not just through the rate that we promote transparency. Before your move from Durham to NYC, you can contact our support whenever you want. And based on the details you provide, we’ll also try our best to set your expectations before our Durham movers get to your place.

If we strongly feel that you need additional services based on your expectations, we’ll inform you as well. There are no secrets between us!

Movers Providing the Utmost Care

Our Durham and NYC movers aren’t interested in providing the bare minimum. Our work is our pride. That’s why, for every moving gig that we get, we are sure to:

  • Carefully disassemble and wrap furniture pieces;
  • Load everything in the truck in a way designed to prevent movement during transit to Durham or NYC;
  • Unload everything at point B, checking the boxes and wrapped pieces for damage;
  • Unwrap and reassemble the furniture at your new place.

Even if you just get the minimum service, you can expect all this from our movers. We value every client, regardless of which services they book from us.

Company Responsiveness at the Maximum

Don’t you just hate it when movers keep you in the dark? Even though you’ve already booked something, you want some type of confirmation that everything is still going according to the original plan.

That’s why, even before you officially become our client, our company makes sure to provide you with all the information you need to make your decision. And as for where our movers (and your personal effects) currently are, you can track them using GPS.

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