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Movers from NYC to Anchorage AK

If you have recently purchased a home in Anchorage AK, or if you are moving from one apartment to another, you might be tempted to do the move yourself in order to save some money. However, hiring our fully licensed and insured moving provider is the best way to ensure that your belongings are moved safely and securely within the specified time frame. Moving, on the other hand, can be one of the most stressful experiences that you and your family will ever go through in your lives. The stress comes from the lack of experience and poor organization. The fact that you will have to make arrangements to rent your own moving van and plan out the logistics of the move will require a significant amount of your time and attention, both of which you might be better off devoting to other pursuits, such as enjoying your new home. Our movers from New York City to Anchorage AK are ready to deliver you a stress-free moving experience by maintaining your move and performing relocation tasks in the most efficient manner.

Why hire proficient movers from New York City to Anchorage AK?

Many people hesitate between finding a reliable relocation provider among moving companies near me and relocating on their own. Our Born to Move moving company is here to list crucial reasons why you should hire our prominent Born to Move movers to maintain your upcoming move to Anchorage AK:

  • Zero injuries and prospective damages. Safety is yet another argument in favor of hiring a safe and insured moving company rather than attempting the relocation on your own. Consider hiring a proficient and professional moving crew to help you with the process. If you hire experienced movers operating at our locally-based moving company, they will help you avoid any injuries that are not necessary, allowing you to get back to your routine more quickly.
  • It is affordable. Rather than spending money blindly on the things you may not need for your move, consider requesting a free quote from the New York City movers. Our moving provider operates on two pricing models, providing transparent rates when estimating the final cost of any relocation over long distances. The minimal moving cost of the out-of-state relocation to Anchorage AK is $15,000. The final price will depend on how many items you want to get packed by our movers and transported.
  • Packing management. When you start packing everything up, you suddenly realize how much stuff you actually have. That is why our professional moving service in New York City requests an inventory list to know how many free packing materials to prepare for your move. Even the most well-organized people may feel overwhelmed when faced with the prospect of making a list of everything in their home and determining how to pack it all up. Instead of spending hours packing up your possessions, our reliable moving provider and its movers will offer packing services for you to accommodate all kinds of items.
  • Equipment. Not only do our movers from Anchorage AK to New York and back work in groups, performing all the moving tasks simultaneously, but also have different equipment at their disposal. When you have the appropriate equipment, moving is both simpler and safer. If you hire skilled movers, they will have all of the safety equipment that is required to keep you from getting hurt and to keep your belongings and property from getting damaged in any way.

Our Born to Move moving company has conducted thousands of relocations all over the US so far. It means that our proficient moving experts are capable of meeting the requirements of even the most demanding customers. Within the shortest time frame possible, our movers will maintain your move to Anchorage, taking into consideration safety issues and other nuances of the highest importance. Keep in mind that it takes our experienced movers up to two weeks to perform a move to the aforementioned location.

Get in touch with Born to Move movers to receive a free quote

Since everything begins with getting a free quote from our movers in New York City (NYC), consider getting in touch with our moving team as soon as you decide to move to Anchorage AK. The relocations over long distances take both time and effort, thus we highly recommend that our prospective customers contact us weeks before the moving day takes place. By doing so, the movers reserve enough time to perform all the tasks, developing a relocation plan that meets your needs, and preparing all the equipment required.


Our flat rates include all other charges:

  • Labor & Equipment
  • Floor Protection
  • Wrapped Furniture
  • Tolls
  • Taxes
  • No Additional Fees
  • Fuel Charge
  • Safe Delivery
  • Guaranteed Price

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❓ Movers will disassemble the bed?

Absolutely the movers will bring all of the equipment needed to disassemble and reassemble your bed in the matter of minutes.

❓ Can you company able to crate some sculptures and valuable items for me?

Yes absolutely we can do that the charges will apply based on their value of your items and amount of time plus materials all have to be discussed individually.

❓ Are you guys brokers?

No we are not, all operations will be performed by our moving company.

❓ Where do you leave our belongings overnight?

We leave them in our truck on a surveillance and secure parking lot.

❓ Can you provide boxes for TV and wardrobe boxes?

Yes we can provide any boxes for an additional cost.

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