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Movers from NYC to Boca Raton

Are you considering moving from New York City (NYC) to the tourist city of Boca Raton, but the thought of relocation stress is already wearing you out? We all know how difficult it is to relocate from New York City (NYC) to a place as far away as Boca Raton, but worry no more! The Born to Move moving company, one of the best moving agencies in New York and beyond, is here to ease that relocation stress.

We are a licensed and insured white glove moving company with professional movers eager to give you a quick and stress-free relocating experience. Our movers are skilled and equipped with the latest high-quality materials and vehicles to provide a satisfying moving service.

We deal with local, interstate, and long-distance moving, storage, and other relocating services. We also offer storage services to those renovating their apartments or offices who need a place to keep their belongings safe.

Moving from New York City to Boca Raton

Some people want to leave NYC to escape the hustle-bustle, noise, and ever-increasing cost of living. Cities like Boca Raton are rich in culture and art and offer many job opportunities. So, if you’re in search of a better life in Boca Raton and you’re moving from New York City, the Born to Move company has movers to help you when you leave NYC, and we’re right here to respond to any of your moving requests.

Our movers from NYC to Boca Raton are trained, equipped, and always prepared for service. The driving distance from NYC to Boca Raton is 1,246 miles which would take about 18 hours, depending on traffic. So, moving your belongings to Boca Raton will take three days.

You do not have to worry about the state of your items while in transit because we offer the best packaging services to keep them in good condition. The only thing you have to do is fill out the online quotation form by providing the necessary details. Then you’ll be given the estimated moving cost, and once you agree to it, you can schedule your move. Finally, all you have to do is to trust us to do an excellent job.

One of the reasons why we are outstanding in what we do is our transparency and honesty. We offer a GPS tracking system to our customers to monitor where their belongings are.

Movers from Boca Raton to New York City

At Born to Move, we offer moving services in both directions. We have movers from New York to Boca Raton and movers from Boca Raton to New York City. If you have decided to move to NYC to experience living in a bigger and more populated city than Boca Raton, our movers are always ready to help offer moving services.

Our movers are well-trained and competent to handle any issue during the process. Boca Raton to NYC is a 3-day delivery. We pick up your items on the first day and then set out for the journey.

Moving Process

Relocation involves a lot of stress and can be very exhausting. It goes beyond just transporting your belongings to wherever you are moving to. It involves packing, loading, unloading, and more. Some people resort to selling off their larger items, especially furniture, and getting new ones when they get to their destination.

However, when you book our service, you don’t have to worry about these things. Our movers are experienced and skilled to handle every item, including fragile ones, without causing damage. Your furniture being damaged is the last thing you want to discover upon arrival at your new apartment.

The following are the moving services we offer:

  • We can help you disassemble your large furniture items like closets, desk tables, and others. Our movers are competent enough to dismantle any furniture without damaging it. They know where to unscrew or remove the knobs from the furniture.
  • Born to Move has the best and most qualified movers who know how to handle the wrapping of furniture and fragile items like glassware.

We know how to use each piece of wrapping material to prevent damage. For instance, we use moving mattresses to wrap old wooden furniture directly, not bubble wrap or tape. Bubble wrap or tape attracts moisture to the furniture’s surface if applied directly. This accumulation can damage the surface of the furniture.

  • Not only are our movers skilled, but we also have the latest and highest-quality packaging materials that guarantee the safety of your belongings. Every item is kept in a box except the larger ones, which are left wrapped. The packaging materials used are medium boxes, small boxes, dish packs, large boxes, tape, and packing paper.
  • Loading and unloading are not neglected by our moving services. We know that this service requires strong and competent movers. Therefore, our movers are strong enough to lift heavy objects without causing cracks. We also help unload belongings from the truck into your new apartment.
  • After offloading stuff from the truck, the movers help box and unwrap the items.
  • We also provide assembling services. We don’t just drop your things and leave. We help reassemble everything that has been dismantled.
  • The movers help clean up any mess after arranging your stuff. You won’t have to start picking up tapes, boxes, or wraps after settling in.
  • Our moving company can help you get a parking permit if you do not have a parking space in your area. However, if you can get it yourself, you may save some money. We provide this service because we want your relocation to proceed as swiftly as possible; however, it attracts an additional charge.

Moving Cost from NYC to Boca Raton

The first thing we always show our customers after providing the necessary details is the estimated cost of the job. We love to be honest and transparent, so our clients know what they can expect.

We charge based on the size of the apartment you’re moving from. The price of a single bedroom varies from that of a two-bedroom apartment.

The charges included in the flat rate are:

  • Fuel charge
  • Labor
  • Equipment
  • Tolls
  • Taxes

We do not add extra charges for gas or tolls; we only charge extra for additional services. We don’t change the prices listed in the estimated cost.


Traveling from NYC to Boca Raton is stressful, especially if you’re relocating with lots of belongings. Involving us in your moving plans will guarantee you a hassle-free and swift relocating experience. Also, our movers ensure your items are well-handled during transit.

Our services include disassembling, loading, unloading, wrapping, unwrapping, and reassembling. We also offer to get you a parking permit if you do not have a parking space in your area.

We provide a flat rate charge for all our services before customers schedule their moves.


Our flat rates include all other charges:

  • Labor & Equipment
  • Floor Protection
  • Wrapped Furniture
  • Tolls
  • Taxes
  • No Additional Fees
  • Fuel Charge
  • Safe Delivery
  • Guaranteed Price

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