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Movers from NYC to Montana

New York City is a fantastic place to live, but what if you already have plans for moving away? And not just within the state, but to the other side of the country?

Born to Move is pleased to greet movers from New York to Montana who are considering our help for their upcoming move.

From NYC to Montana: Long-Distance Adventure

Montana is a western state that enchants its movers with natural wonders. New York City’s urban views deliver a great contrast to that.

As a moving company, we always remind our movers that, should they feel the desire to come back, Born to Move will be there. That means you can count on us on your journey from NYC to Montana or from Montana to NYC.

A relocation from New York City (NYC) to Montana qualifies as a long-distance interstate moving project. Driving will take about 33 hours and require a significant amount of gas. There will also be a different time zone upon arrival – NYC is 2 hours ahead of Montana.

Born to Move offers movers from New York to Montana safe delivery for their possessions from point A to point B. While you’re busy with other moving-related activities, we’ll take care of your stuff. How do we ensure this? Born to Move has many services that are connected with the relocation process.

Relocation Services Selection

By booking our moving company, the movers don’t have to worry about difficult or unusual moving conditions. Why?

This is the reason we’ve survived so long in this industry – we know every little thing that can go wrong during a relocation. Our services are designed to prevent any possible complications before they crop up.

Thus, our standard list of services for the NYC to Montana move is as follows:

  • Arriving at the NYC address with a pile of packing materials;
  • Protecting the floors from any possible damage;
  • Disassembling furniture, wrapping the items, packing all the stuff in boxes;
  • Carrying all the boxes to the truck and loading it;
  • Delivering the items to the new address in Montana;
  • Unloading the stuff from the truck, then carrying it into the new property;
  • Unpacking, unwrapping, and reassembling the furniture.

When movers book our services, they appreciate the fact that they get to skip a lot of the heavy work and the tiresome packing and unpacking. Our professional packers do all the work quickly and in the right order.

Additional Moving Services

Born to Move offers a list of additional services that might come in handy for some of our Montana movers:

  • Commercial moving – this is likely more attractive for movers from Montana to New York City. We can transfer all the heavy office furniture or special equipment. For that purpose, commercial Montana movers can expect a crew of up to 20 people – depending on what they want to move;
  • Overnight or long-term storage – this is ideal for NYC to Montana movers or movers from Montana to New York City. Let us know if you need a place to store your items, and we will provide you with a modern storage room according to the size of your belongings;
  • Senior moving – Montana’s natural parks and clear air suit many elderly movers escaping the stress of NYC. We understand that moving as a senior might be exhausting. Therefore, the Born to Move crew can declutter the space for the movers, pack all their stuff, and of course, be considerate of the requests of elderly people;
  • White Glove moving – the safest possible moving procedure. Even the long road to Montana won’t be a threat to fragile objects or works of art;
  • Furniture hoisting – the entrance to the apartment might be too narrow for large or unevenly shaped furniture. Our solution is hoisting such pieces through the window or balcony.

Moving at Affordable Costs

As a potential mover, you probably think – well, that’s awesome, but what’s about the price? Born to Move is aware of the costs of interstate moving. We offer an hourly rate system: the movers pay for the time, not for the activities. Of course, additional service costs are slightly higher. Still, the pattern works for any kind of moving process.

That means that our crew of relocation superheroes can be hired for as few as three hours! Even if it’s a tiny job, our Montana movers will get all the standard services they pay for.

And here’s another great thing about our moving company – we never apply hidden costs. Our movers get a free estimate and a flat price that is not going to be altered.

Therefore, along with packing, loading, and driving, the hourly rate includes the following:

  • Tolls
  • Gas
  • Insurance
  • Extra miles

We understand that sometimes things can go wrong and you might have special needs to be catered for. All the extra moving requests are to be discussed during the conversation with our administrator. For our Montana movers, we offer disposal services, box delivery, or full packing services.

Whether you’re an NYC to Montana mover or a Montana to NYC mover, you can rely on our professional approach.

Licensed Moving Professionals

And speaking of professionals: Born to Move is a fully licensed and insured moving company that can present all the required certificates upon request. We perform our duties officially and in accordance with legal instructions. This is why the best people in this industry work in our company.

Interstate moving is often connected with different laws that vary by state. Therefore, our moving company warns movers that some items can’t be taken on board – these are usually frozen food, weapons, or chemical substances. We can’t take you or your pet along with us – even though we enjoy communication with our clients.

So, if Yellowstone National Park feels like the perfect place for your future adventures, moving to Montana is easy. Born to Move will be a helpful guide that will unburden your shoulders.

Feel the excitement of the move, and go ahead!


Our flat rates include all other charges:

  • Labor & Equipment
  • Floor Protection
  • Wrapped Furniture
  • Tolls
  • Taxes
  • No Additional Fees
  • Fuel Charge
  • Safe Delivery
  • Guaranteed Price

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