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The Bronx is a great place if you’re looking for diversity. It also happens to be the most affordable place in New York City (NYC). At around 50 percent more affordable than Manhattan, the place is attractive to people who want to be in the middle of it all without paying the steep cost usually associated with this city.

That’s why there are many movers from New York to the Bronx boroughs today. But despite the relatively short distance between these places, moving is still a task better left to the experts like Born to Move.

Our local moving guys in the Bronx are there to help. So, if you already have a new place, our movers will be happy to get you set up right away.

What Are the Challenges with Moving to or from The Bronx, NYC?

Moving to or from the Bronx and other NYC boroughs may not seem like a big deal. After all, what’s so bad about traveling a few miles? But as our movers have learned through experience, distance isn’t the only thing that factors into how hard relocation can be. Here are a few things that make moving to the Bronx more challenging than your average local move:

  • Dangerous Moving Conditions. Some people schedule moving in winter because the cost is lower. But during the colder seasons in New York City, it’s normal for the roads to be covered in ice and snow. The driving visibility may even be bad;
  • Damage to Items. Your items will be more prone to cracking, chipping, and breaking, too, because of the low humidity. That’s something that even the best Bronx packers can’t do anything about;
  • Heavy Traffic. If you want to avoid the first two, get movers around August or September. But this might not make all that much difference since NYC has the worst traffic, according to studies. During the peak season for local movers in our company, we’re basically packing and moving non-stop! We’re spending so much more time on the road as well.

What Does Our Local Moving Company in The Bronx Offer?

If you’d like to avoid these problems, the best way is to get our Bronx movers to help you with moving to your new apartment. But you shouldn’t just select the company with the lowest prices. If you want to be satisfied with the service you pay for, consider the following when booking a local moving company:


What are people saying about their services? The Bronx has a lot of movers to choose from, so don’t settle for a company you’re not sure about.

Our expert movers will know how to properly handle each item to prevent anything bad from happening. After all, it’s not just the family’s expensive piano that needs to be carefully handled. From the priciest electronics and furniture down to everyday household items, everything must remain damage-free.

Knowledge of the Area

Especially for local moving, you’ll want someone who is familiar with every road and shortcut in NYC. This allows movers to make sudden plan changes if needed.

You’ll be glad that our top guys know the Bronx with all the streets near it and the entire city like they’ve been there all their life. That’s why you’re sure that every decision they make is based on complete and accurate information on the area.


The weather in the Bronx can be harsh. The roads become slippery, which increases the odds of an accident happening.

Technical expertise matters as well. If you plan on using a truck, how confident are you in your driving skills? We care about your safety. It’s always better to put an expert driver from a moving company like ours behind the wheel!


If it’s your first time moving anywhere, you probably have a lot of questions for our movers. How quickly and comprehensively they respond can indicate how they treat clients in general.

Do you need to make last-minute plans? For as long as we can fit them into our schedule, we’ll be happy to accommodate changes and additional requests. If you need additional services like storage or full-service packing, inquire about their availability and rates. It’s impractical to get one company for add-on services and another for the actual moving.

Born To Move can bring all these things and more for you. We’re dedicated to ensuring our clients are happy with our local expertise, customer service, and our knowledge of everything about moving.


Our flat rates include all other charges:

  • Labor & Equipment
  • Floor Protection
  • Wrapped Furniture
  • Tolls
  • Taxes
  • No Additional Fees
  • Fuel Charge
  • Safe Delivery
  • Guaranteed Price

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Born to Move: Your Source of the Top Movers from The Bronx to New York City Boroughs

For all your needs, our Bronx, NYC movers are here to respond. As a fully-licensed and fully-insured company, we’re confident that we can deliver excellent services. You can stop your search now. With Born to Move, your items will get to your new pad in the Bronx or anywhere else in the city in top condition.

We’re All About the Customer Experience

From the moment you book our Bronx movers up until we drop the last item off at your new place, we’ll be with you. We make sure to:

  • Assign the most experienced movers in the Bronx;
  • Make sure all the details are clear prior to the big day;
  • Work efficiently to lower your hourly rates;
  • Set out expectations based on your preferences;
  • Communicate any changes that there may be.

No matter where in NYC you’re coming from, we’ll deliver. On the move date, we’ll have our movers, equipment, and materials with us to get through moving smoothly.

We Protect Your Stuff

We’re not just about hauling your things to transfer them to your new location. To reduce any chance that your items will get damaged, our movers will:

  • Disassemble bulky furniture;
  • Wrap each part in the company-provided wrapping material;
  • Load each box and part in the vehicle in such a way that it minimizes movement;
  • Unload everything at Point B;
  • Unwrap each part for reassembling;
  • Reassemble all furniture and check for damage.

These are already included in the hourly rate of our basic services. If you need more assistance, let us know in advance so we can free up enough time in our schedule.

You Can Get Us at an Affordable Cost

Born to Move employs straightforward pricing. We charge an hourly rate, and based on your needs and projected NYC traffic when moving, we estimate how much the total will be. Our rates include gas, toll, miles, the labor of movers, fuel costs, and other miscellaneous expenses.

If you’re on a tight budget, tell us. We’ll happily provide suggestions specific to your situation so that we can finish the job in the quickest way possible.

Services Available to Bronx Moving Clients and the Rest of NYC

If you’re interested in having the top Bronx movers working for you, great! We’re happy to provide a level of expertise that is nearly impossible to match. Please check out related moving services as well:

Commercial Moving

Whether it’s in the heat of the summer or the cold of the winter, our commercial movers will help you get your business up and running right away. We’ll take care of fragile electronics, specialized equipment, and beautiful furniture as we transport everything to your new NYC office.

But it’s not simply moving that we’ll do for you. Our team will also work around your operating hours to minimize office interruption.

Storage Services

If you’re still waiting for those last touches on your new NYC place, our storage units are available! Each of them is temperature and humidity-controlled, ensuring that your things are under the best conditions no matter the time of year.

We offer both short-term and long-term rentals. Ask about our rates. If you need help moving your belongings to or from the unit, we can arrange that as well.

Packing Services

Don’t want to go through the mistakes DIY-ers often make? Our packers can get everything in boxes, ready to be transported efficiently.

If you need it, our movers can also bring the necessary materials for the day. We’ll estimate your needs based on your move size.

Book Movers from New York to the Bronx with Born to Move Today! Our Movers Are Ready to Help!

Movers from the Bronx to New York City boroughs may not be traveling thousands of miles, but things can still go wrong. With the traffic and the weather conditions changing all the time, why not leave the relocation to a professional company?

Born to Move will help you coast through moving, whether it’s an office or a new apartment. As we’ve performed this service for residents of NYC so many times already, we know every possible scenario that can get in the way of the perfect move.

So, if you want movers who have your back at amazing prices, our representatives will be happy to give you a free quote for your move. Even though we try to accommodate all Bronx clients, our best rates are exclusive to those who book in advance.

Already have your move day set? Call us today at (646) 787-5693.