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New York City (NYC) is a major financial and cultural center not only in the state of New York and the United States but also in the entire world. That’s why there’s a lot of movement among its five boroughs, especially between Brooklyn and Manhattan.

But because even the relatively less populous Brooklyn is an extremely popular moving destination, completing your move won’t be all that simple. We’ve got good news for you as you don’t have to get stressed-out. You don’t have to figure out everything yourself because Born To Move is here to help.

Why Get Professional Movers Instead of Doing Everything on Your Own for Local NYC Moving?

If you’re just bringing your clothes and a few pairs of shoes, then moving to Brooklyn or Manhattan shouldn’t be hard. But if you’re like most people, you’ve probably already invested in equipment and furniture that you can’t just leave behind when moving.

That’s where movers from New York to Brooklyn come in. By having our local moving company assist you, you’ll be able to:

Enjoy the Possibility of Moving at the Last Minute

Emergencies happen, and you may need to move to Brooklyn or another NYC borough without much preparation. Especially during off-peak season, our movers will be more than happy to accommodate booking requests.

The best part? It won’t cost you extra! We’re happy to provide you with this convenience. Our movers just request that you be responsive to our texts so we can provide the same level of excellence as those who have booked early.

Avoid the Dreaded NYC Traffic

When you’re already tired from work, the last thing you want to happen is to get stuck in gridlock on the way to Brooklyn. Even non-residents know how notorious traffic is in New York City. As you’ve experienced it first-hand, do you really want to be in that situation while in a truck?

Let our NYC movers do it for you. Meanwhile, you can chill in a hotel in Brooklyn while you wait for off-peak hours.

Benefit from Dependability

Even though you have the best intentions, things can still go haywire. Think about it this way: would you trust yourself more than a doctor if you needed surgery?

Think of our movers as moving doctors that will be able to do the job more quickly and without making any mistakes. Our company will take charge, so you don’t have to spend hours on research, planning, or actually moving to or from Brooklyn.


Our flat rates include all other charges:

  • Labor & Equipment
  • Floor Protection
  • Wrapped Furniture
  • Tolls
  • Taxes
  • No Additional Fees
  • Fuel Charge
  • Safe Delivery
  • Guaranteed Price

NYC to Brooklyn Moving

Have Questions? Contact us to get your Answers.


❓ How do you guys charge?

Our charges based on the inventory that you will need to provide after that we will be able to provide you a flat price for your move.

❓ Can you take care of the COI for the building management in advance?

Yes , we will provide you with COI , we are fully licensed and insured, we are carrying 6 different types of insurances.

❓ How do you move stuff?

Our movers will provide professional equipment such as dollies commercial bin boxes tools for bed and much more.

❓ Can I ride with you in the truck between both locations?

Born to Move following insurance regulations unfortunately you’re not able to ride with inside the truck or go in the box for a ride.

❓ Do you guys have any hidden fees?

No we don’t have it.

❓ Can you take TV off the wall?

Yes we can do it for you.

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For All-in-One Moving Solutions, Hire Our Movers from New York to Brooklyn

Even though the most crucial part of the job is actually moving your furniture and other things between two NYC places, it’s not the only component. Our movers can also lend assistance in various aspects, including packing and storage. Know more about what our certified moving company can bring to the table:

Residential Moving

Don’t know how to get your piano out of the house? Our residential movers from Brooklyn to New York county have the equipment and capabilities to accomplish the task without getting your piano out of tune. And for all of your other bulky furniture, we’ll be sure to handle it with care.

Along with the storage of your things in boxes, Born To Move’s top movers will also load them in the moving truck to get them ready for moving. If you don’t want any hassle as you move to Brooklyn or Manhattan, you may also want to look into other services.

Commercial Moving

If you’re moving your commercial office between the two boroughs of New York City (NYC), our company can take care of the logistics for you. With the rental prices so high, we’re sure you want to maximize the use of your office space.

To help you in this endeavor, our movers will strive to minimize the interruption to your company’s service delivery. This will include relocating essential items outside office hours and arranging the interior of your new space in Brooklyn or Manhattan so you can proceed to business as usual.

Moving and Storage Solutions

Is your place in Brooklyn still not ready? Our certified movers can instead transport your belongings into one of our storage units. And because they’re temperature and humidity-controlled, you’re guaranteed that even the harshest winters or hottest summers will not affect the condition of your items.

Using the latest technology in the moving industry, we designed each storage unit to preserve the quality of your personal effects. If you’re interested in this service, our moving company lets you choose from a nightly or monthly cost package.

Packing Service

Don’t have time to pack for your move to Brooklyn, NYC? You don’t want to try to do it at the last minute! Why not have our expert movers do it for you instead? We know that even clients who have all the time in the world don’t usually know how to do it properly. For example, what’s the maximum weight your small boxes can have?

The experienced movers at Born To Move know how best to pack your stuff for maximum protection and increased loading efficiency. If you need packing materials as well, please tell us in advance. We’ll bring them to you on our moving day.

Why Choose Born To Move’s Local Movers for New York City Moving?

Local moving between two highly popular New York City (NYC) locations isn’t going to be easy. With traffic, parking, and weather concerns (on top of practically everything else that can go wrong), it’s best to leave the task to Born To Move. We’re a fully-insured and fully-licensed moving company that can provide the necessary services at a market-competitive cost.

By choosing reputable movers for relocating into or outside of Brooklyn, you’re getting superior services that can only be built through investment in:

    • Modern moving equipment that can increase the efficiency of manpower
    • Developing the skills of movers with high potential
  • Years of experience in the industry

When you move to Brooklyn, you can trust that we’ll have your best interests in mind. We live by these ideals in delivering superb services to our clientele:

Utmost Care

Whether you just need a storage unit or want more of our offers, our Brooklyn movers will always handle your items with the utmost care. Each of our offers is created to protect your things from all types of damage.

For services where actual transportation is involved, we disassemble bulky items, wrap them using the most appropriate material, load them in our vehicle, unload them at point B, unwrap everything, then reassemble them. We also properly mark boxes, so we know how to better protect their contents.

Complete Honesty

We don’t want to lose your trust. So, rest assured that you won’t get slapped with hidden charges for your move to Brooklyn or Manhattan. For moving within NYC, we charge by the hour. The minimum rate of $120 per hour already includes two movers, gas, tolls, miles, shrink wrap and tape, and floor protection.

During your consultation, we’ll also make clear what will not be included. If you feel that there’s anything that we haven’t discussed to your satisfaction, please tell us. We aim to give you all the information you need before our scheduled move to or from Brooklyn.

Continuous Self-Development

Despite being one of the leading moving companies, we don’t stop learning and growing. We update our equipment to improve efficiency rates. Meanwhile, we also train our movers on how to communicate best with clients.

Especially in Brooklyn, where a minor accident can cause hours of delay, we look out for the latest traffic news. This allows us to save you time and reroute if necessary. To stay on top, our company will always look for ways to go beyond expectations.

For NYC Local Moving, Our Movers from New York to Brooklyn Are Your Top Choice!

With Born To Move in your corner, getting to Brooklyn or Manhattan won’t be hard, no matter how much stuff you have to take with you. Regardless of the move size, we’ll always find a solution that will bring clients like you complete satisfaction.

Instead of second-guessing your every decision, why not consider the alternative? By hiring our moving company, you’re already making the only decision there is to be made. Experience first-class NYC moving with zero effort on your part! Call us to book or to get a free quote. You can also reach our friendly representatives directly on this site by filling out the form.