Cost Of Moving From NYC To Houston

New York City being the most expensive city in New York to live in. If you are looking for a city that has just as much to offer but want to cut down on your cost of living, Houston is a great option.
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New York is one of the most expensive states to call your place home. New York City being the most expensive city in New York to live in. If you are looking for a city that has just as much to offer but want to cut down on your cost of living, Houston is a great option.

When moving there are so many things to consider. Cost being one the highest on everyone’s list. If you are just in the planning phase or you’re moving in the next couple of weeks, there are two things you need to ask yourself. Should I hire a professional long distance moving company or do everything myself?

Whether you decide to move yourself or hire a moving company. This article will discuss both options so you can make the best decision for your specific needs and situation.

Self Move Or Professional Movers

Before we get into the differences of each option we want to make it clear that everyone is in a different situation. These differences mean that every move is not the same from the next. An eighteen year old moving out of their parents house to a one bedroom studio is going to be much different than a big family move out of state.

These differences in situations means your planned move is not going to always be as simple. Usually the only way any move can be simplified is to hire a professional moving company.

If you like to do everything yourself that might not be an option you even want to consider. You might actually find the differences in cost completing. Packing, getting a truck rental, loading, and offloading all yourself is always going to be cheaper. After you go through how much money you are going to spend on a self move vs. a moving company you might change your mind.

Renting A Truck For Your Move

The average you are going to spend on a truck rental on a local move (10-20 miles) is going to run you anywhere from $125 to $300. Since you’re moving from NYC to Houston you should be budgeting at the very least $1,500 for the truck rental.

There are also other costs you need to consider when renting a moving truck. If you have heavier items you are definitely going to need a dolly. Dolly’s even makes moving light boxes and items effortless. Unless you are planning on throwing your back out spring the extra dollars for the dolly.

Then one of the biggest costs is gas and is always overlooked. With gas prices at an all time high you need to budget for every gallon.The drive from NYC to Houston is 1,630 miles according to MapQuest. The average box truck is going to get at most 15 mpg. That is also with nothing in the back. Plan on filling up at least five to six times. Other costs you might not be thinking about are insurance and the plethora of drive thrus you will be stopping at when you get hungry.

Coast That Won’t Hurt Your Wallet

Money has been a big driver of this article but there are other costs that don’t involve your wallet. Time in most cases is more valuable than money. Instead of hopping on a plane and meeting the moving company you hired. You are spending the weekend packing all of your belongings, hoisting them into the truck, driving across the country, unloading, and returning the truck rental. Right when you think you’re finished, unpacking and organizing is the real finish line.

Time is a big cost but even greater than that is mental stress. According to University Hospitals moving is the third most stressful event you are going to face in life. It is pretty shocking because number 4 is major illness or Injury. The reason for all this stress is the logistics of the move.

Logistical questions you might want to ask yourself:

  • How to find a gas station that can accommodate a 26ft box truck?
  • What if the closest parking spot is 5 blocks away?
  • What If I break down on the interstate?
  • What if the door latch opens and my belongings fall out?

Stress is not always mental. Physical stress plays a big role in any move. Self moving is not easy and will put a lot of not needed stress on your body. The only way you can get around it is if you just so happen to be a professional bodybuilder. Just plan on being sore for the next couple of days after the move. The same principle applies if you think you and your buddies after some wings and pizza can carry a piano down four flights of stairs. You’re probably going to break more than just the piano.

Profession Company Or Self Move Conclusion

If saving money is your only directive, moving yourself is the best option. A self move is always going to be cheaper than hiring a long distance moving company. You might want to take your time to see if the savings are enough to counterbalance the negatives. Moving from one borough to the next, a self move is the best option. Since you are relocating from NYC to Houston a professional moving company should be a consideration.

If you value time over money then I would recommend hiring a NYC long distance moving company. It will be the more expensive option but it will alleviate the logistical nightmare that is bound to happen.


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James Cameron

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